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(PvP) Disable: Firework

Psion's Booper

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Hello. Can we please make an effort to prohibit the use of this item in ALL PvP Settings?

ZihgOIR.png <- Lv70 Zumi Racial Item

This item, unlike the event rewarded fireworks, are spammable and the effect can be seen even with FX being set to 0. Not only is it incredibly annoying  but there has been quite a number of people that LAG because the effect is too much (since it can literally be used 20 times per second. Come on.)


C E R T A I N  players seem to really enjoy spamming it in Territory War. It breaks focus and typically has no other use than to be both a distraction and lag-maker there.

(Or can it at least be made to where it doesn't flash people's screens at 0 FX?)

Thank you,

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Just now, MrDoudou said:

You don't need to mention Jordan several times, an answer will be given to you when it can, and it is useless to post your suggestion in other threads when this one has its own thread.

Ah, yes. History repeats itself once more. 

Never really took almost 3 weeks for Jordan to say yes or no (and as to why, should he feel inclined to explain), but I digress. My apologies for posting it in another thread. I merely assumed it also belonged in the "PvP" thread. I didn't take notice of it prior to this one because it's been awhile since it was last posted in. 


But, I'm looking for a response from Jordan himself; not you. But thanks for the heads up, Doudou. 

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