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Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions


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Please leave your suggestions for the Crystal Altar, Gem Altar and Mystery Boxes.

Remember to submit the correct name of the item when posting! Also remember to specify if it is (Legendary) or (Prime).


We've updated this post due to the page number and large list of old suggestions from the previous post.
Please be sure to leave your suggestions here again if you're still looking for them!

Once posted, please do not keep spamming posts or bumping your post!


Your posts may be edited to add the date in which the item was/should be on the altar.

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Mysterious Radar Monocle Legendary ✔️09/09/21

Flower Tattoo Legendary ✔️09/10/21

Gilded Valkyrie Siren Helmet Legendary ✔️09/13/21


any of this 3

Magic Snow Bell Lele (legendary) ✔️09/09/21
Robust Golden Bell Lele (Legendary) ✔️09/09/21
Magic Flower Melody (Legendary)

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i added the legendary pets
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Altar: Single Royal Rose (Legendary) ✔️09/13/21

Mysterious Spectacles (Legendary) ✔️09/13/21

Mysterious Crown (Legendary) ✔️09/09/21

Mysterious Chasity Hood (Legendary) and Mysterious Lone Wolf Gunslinger Garb (Legendary) ✔️09/16/21

Mysterious Tai Chi Dress (Legendary) and Mysterious Tai Chi Robe (Legend) ✔️09/10/21

Mystic Gothic Corset (Legendary) and Mystic Gothic Suit (Legendary) ✔️09/09/21

Mysterious Day-Off Combo (Legendary) and Mysterious Hoodie (Legendary)  ✔️ 

Robust and Magic Russian Blue (Pet Prime) ✔️09/13/21

Dexterous and Spectral Magic Doll Palom (Pet Prime) ✔️09/10/21

Wise and Fierce Catmaiden Fiona (Pet Prime) ✔️09/09/21


Tedde Bare (Legendary) ✔️09/09/21

Sparkler (Legendary) ✔️09/09/21

Aurora Lance (Legendary) ✔️09/16/21

Robust and Magic Tiger Haku ✔️09/09/21

Robust and Magic Summer Queen Lenna ✔️09/16/21

Robust and Magic Moonlight Autumn ✔️09/16/21

Phantom Butterfly Wings (Legendary) ✔️09/09/21

Magic and Robust Swordwoman Daisy ✔️09/16/21

Jade - Lost - Rising Ghostblade Ren ✔️09/09/21

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             Eden Crystal Altar

~Mysterious Pirate Vest (Legendary) and female version. ✔️09/27/21

~Mysterious Alpaca Ushanka (Legendary) ✔️09/16/21



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add other costume
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Hello! Thanks in advance! I have suggestions for Altar:


-Mysterious Gromsman Suit (Legendary) ✔️09/23/21

-Mysterious Dragon Scale Bedlah (Legendary)  ✔️ 

-Mysterious Officer's Dress Skirt (Legendary) ✔️09/16/21

-Mysterious Knight Armor Dress (Legendary)  ✔️ 

-Myserious Valiant Warrior's Armor (Legendary)✔️09/24/21

-Mysterious Spectacles (Legendary) ✔️09/13/21


Please and thank you!

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 Crystal Altar 

  •  Mysterious Starlight Princess Dress (Legendary)  ✔️10/21/21

 Mystery box 

  •  Obsidian Haetae  ✔️09/23/21
  •  Azure Foxfire Kitsune/Crimson Foxfire Kitsune ✔️09/30/21
  •  Seraphs Wing(Legendary)  ✔️09/23/21


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Altar : 

- Mysterious Straw Hat (Legendary) ✔️10/11/21
- Mysterious Rebel Clover (Legendary) ✔️09/23/21
- Ghost Rider (Legendary) ✔️09/30/21
- Viridescent Flaming Phoenix Wings (Legendary) ✔️09/30/21
- Watermelon Slicesword ✔️09/27/21
- Provoked Katana ✔️10/07/21
- Fantasy Popsicle Stick ✔️09/23/21
- Alice's Lolipop Club ✔️09/24/21
- Defibrillation Hammer✔️10/08/21



- Shadowflame Fantasy Wings
- Angel Rapier Silver (Legendary) ✔️10/07/21
- Thunderous Plasma Blade ✔️09/30/21
- Sanguine Phantom Blade ✔️10/07/21

PS : jtm

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- Seraphic Wings (Legendary)✔️09/30/21
- Stellar Silver Glowstick ✔️10/14/21



- Magic Mei✔️09/30/21
- Magic Scarlet Vandra  ✔️09/23/21
- Skillful Puss In Boots ✔️10/11/21




-Starry Chubby Sheep (Legendary)✔️09/30/21


- Orange ✔️09/30/21
- Bright Orange ✔️10/04/21
- Sunlit Orange ✔️10/11/21
- Cider Orange ✔️10/07/21
- Pale Orange ✔️10/08/21


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Hello! Thanks in advance! I have suggestions for Altar/Box:


- Candy Lady Gown (Legendary) ✔️11/04/21


- Life Sentence Jailbird Chic Threads  (Legendary) ✔️10/04/21

- Mysterious Singer's School Uniform (Legendary)✔️10/01/21

- Mysterious Pretty Xmas Costume (Legendary) ✔️12/23/21

- Secret Treasure Hand-Dyed Pirate Captain Threads (Legendary)✔️10/15/21

- Mysterious Pirate Tank Top (Legendary) ✔️09/27/21

- Mysterious High School Threads (Legendary) ✔️11/04/21

- Exquisite Plume Earrings (Legendary) ✔️10/25/21

- Mysterious Crystal Earring (Legendary) ✔️10/21/21

Please and thank you!

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The plume earrings didn't come yet
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Hello o/

Here for a request for box pet once again (gotta get the collection going)

I would like if possible to get :

- Dragon Flame Valkyria (Box)✔️09/30/21
With if possible the Brave Thicket Jelly Rabbit (or any green quality pet with fearless soul) on gem altar the same week :)✔️09/30/21


Legendary / Summer Koharu 


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