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Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions


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Altar Eden Crystals:

Mysterious Ronin Garb (Legendary)✔️

Mysterious Ronin Threads (Legendary)✔️

Mysterious Alpaca Beachwear (Legendary)

Mysterious Alpaca Swimsuit (Legendary)

Mystery Box

Magic Legendary Koharu✔️

Robust Legendary Koharu✔️

Magic Gemini

Robust Gemini

Cherrys Blossom Hana

Stellar Glowstick ✔️07/21/22

Azure Sky Dream wings (legendary)✔️

Viridian Sky Dream wings (legendary)✔️

Amethyst Sky Dream wings (legendary)✔️


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mysterious brown Scottish fold ears legendary 

mysterious black Scottish gold ears legendary 

mysterious phoenix tattoo legendary 

strawberry vanilla popsicle legendary 

chocolate chip popsicle legendary 

mysterious Whistle legendary

Elegant White Bunny Ears (Legendary)   ✔️07/28/22

mysterious Gauze sun hat legendary

mysterious aviator shades legendary 

mysterious rebel clover legendary 

life sentence jailbird chic threads legendary 

mysterious sorceress apprentice threads legendary 

mysterious dynasty cheongsam legendary 

mysterious Militissa ensemble legendary 

Mysterious pirate tank top Legendary 

mysterious outback adventurer cutoffs legendary 

mysterious sultry bunny costume legendary 

mysterious alpaca wool cloak legendary 

mysterious women’s kimono legendary 

mysterious gothic corset legendary  ✔️07/22/22

mysterious French cobalt Olympic threads legendary 

multi hue bubble legendary 

freshet monarch fan legendary 

rock ´ n roll legendary ✔️

polar frost pike legendary  ✔️07/29/22

buttermilk silk umbrella legendary 

crescent sprite wings legendary 

tempest lazurite wings legendary 

celest gossamer fins legendary 

sea sprite wings legendary 

frost crystal wings legendary 

thumperina backpack legendary

majedtic melded marvel wings legendary 

fallen angel wings legendary  ✔️07/22/22

ice crystal wings legendary 

reverie ´si sprite wings legendary 

blue wishing bottle legendary 

super cool peacock tail feathers legendary 

frost wing branch legendary 



pale blue clothing and headwear  ✔️07/29/22

white ash clothing and headwear  ✔️07/28/22

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Hello ! 

Mystery boxes : 

  • Moon Shadow Warrior Hairdo (Legendary)✔️
  • Robust/Magic Magician Jenny 
  • Robust/magic Witch Alice
  • Prophecy Light Tarod Card✔️

Altar : 

  • Yellow blaze wings (Legendary)  ✔️07/29/22
  • Kimono (Legendary) 

Thank you !

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                               Eden Crystal Altar

~Mysterious Ronin Garb (Legendary) and female version.✔️

~Genetically Altered Baby Peeper (Legendary) 
~Mysterious Daemon Horns 
(Legendary)  ✔️07/25/22



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Blues Idol Star Stone ✔️08/01/22

Azure Love Luna Rock ✔️08/01/22

Mysterious Candy Prince (Legendary)


Sea Breeze Seraphic Wings

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Mystery Box:

Blessed Royal Sword✔️

Red Flame Naginata✔️

Mysterious Ronin Hairpiece✔️

Sunny Glow Fox Nine Tails

Robust Scarlet Vandra

Yellow Cherry Blossom Hana

Blushy Ghostblade Ren


White Miraculous Gourd (Legendary)  ✔️07/28/22

Dynasty Oracle Hat (Legendary)

Mysterious Fox Mask (Legendary)

Elite Mummy's Revenge Bandage (Legendary)✔️


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I would love to see:

Meow Mask (Legendary)✔️

Flirty Hearts Tattoo (legendary)

Spirit of Cotton Candy Pink Alpaca (Legendary)

Red Blaze Wings (Legendary)

Luna rock/Gem:

Pink Candy Sheep Luna Rock✔️

GoldFleece Sheep Luna Rock✔️

Forest Dragon Star Stone✔️

Thank you so much for the star stoooonnneees!! :)

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Found dress in game and a couple other things!!! :)
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  • Mysterious Vixen Dress (Legendary)
  • Mysterious Fox Mask (Legendary)
  • Soul Sickle (Legendary)
  • Blue Dyes✔️
  • Dark Grey Dyes✔️

Thank you~

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Hi, i would like to request item as below :

Magic Legendary Koharu (Legendary)✔️

Magic Libra (Legendary)

Magic Sakura Alyssia (Legendary)

Robust Moon Maiden Azusa (Legendary)

Pink Hope Wings (Legendary)

Candy Pink Angel Wings (Legendary)

Ruby Celestial Princess Wand (Legendary)✔️

Celestial Prince Wand (Legendary)✔️

Rose Quartz Celestial Princess Wand (Legendary)✔️

Turquoise Celestial Princess Wand (Legendary)✔️

Topaz Celestial Princess Wand (Legendary)✔️

Sapphire Celestial Princess Wand (Legendary)✔️

Blue Bunny Scissors (Legendary)✔️

Pink Bunny Scissors (Legendary)✔️

Pink Bunny Chainsaw Massacre (Legendary)  ✔️07/28/22

Masamune/Murasame (Legendary)✔️

Aurora Lance (All Color) (Legendary)

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Hello ^ ^ 

Crystal Altar :

Multihue Bubble (Legendary)

Atrageous Guitar (Legendary)

Rose Thorn Snipper (Legendary)

Knife (Legendary)

Fork (Legendary)

Legendary Decadent Chocolate Stick (Legendary)

Watermelon Slicesword (Legendary)

Prestigious Adam Belle (or Bell) (Legendary)


Sugar Bear Satchel (Legendary)

Forest Green Wing Branch (Legendary)

Spring Wing Branch (Legendary)


Mysterious Singer's School Uniform (Legendary)

Mysterious Sultry Bunny Costume (Legendary)

Mysterious Swim Team Uniform (Legendary)✔️

Mysterious Everyday Uniform Dress (Legendary)✔️


Mysterious Velvet Headband (Legendary)✔️

Mysterious Seafarer's Hat (Legendary)

Heart of the Ocean (Legendary)

Mysterious Strawberry Jam Sandwich (Legendary)

Enigma Bell (Legendary)

Black Enchanting Beret (Legendary)


Golden Bubble Luna Rock✔️

Golden Starlight Luna Rock✔️

Golden Butterfly Star Stone✔️

Sunrise Goddess Star Stone✔️

Canary Classical Star Stone✔️

Indigo Starlight Luna Rock✔️

White Bubble Luna Rock✔️

Sapphire Luna Rock ✔️

Grim Fire Star Stone✔️

Purity Fire Star Stone✔️


Dyes :

Rose✔️ , Coral Pink✔️, Jade✔️, Goldenrod✔️, Citrus✔️, Pure Black✔️ and White dyes ✔️


Thank you !  ❤️ 


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Twilight Arcane Wings
Blessed Royal Sword✔️
Custome Sly Courtesan Hairdo✔️
Crescent Moon Tattoo (idk if this goes in altar or box)

Mysterious Bitten Scroll Of Ninjutsu (Legendary)
Ornate Cross Pendant (Legendary)



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Hello! I would love to request:


Charity Round Sign (its white quality)


Face Full O'Snout Cestus (Legendary)✔️

Lake Laku Lobster Lopper (Legendary)


Mysterious Jade Mask (Legendary)

Mysterious Fox Mask (Legendary)

Takoyaki Hat (Legendary)

Mysterious Toy Fish (Legendary)

Moon Bunny (Legendary)

Ghoulish Silver Skull (Legendary)

Sakura Rice Cakes (Legendary)

Handmade red bean rice cake headdress (Legendary)

Brown Udder Delight Headdress (Legendary)


Brown Udder Delight Onesie (Legendary)


Spirited Peekashroom (Legendary)✔️

Potted Sprite: Leaf (Legendary)

Pink Resurrection Egg (Legendary)


Magic/Robust Nine-Tail Fox (Prime)✔️

Badge of Honor (StarStone)

* Pale Peach Headwear and Clothing Dyes *

Thank you so much!!

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Added a starstone
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Here comes again since my previous suggestion is almost done here another one :

Legendary Costumes

  • Jade Mask Legendary,
  •  Mysterious Seraph Headphones Legendary (pink one),
  • Tan Elf Ears Legendary (brown ones),
  • Mysterious Squirrel Legendary,
  • Mysterious Black Scottish Fold Ears Legendary,
  • Ghoulish Silver Skull Legendary,
  • Ghoulish Midnight Skull Legendary,
  • Darling Pet Panda Sleep Mask Legendary,
  • Mysterious Pet Panda Sleep Mask Legendary,
  • Mysterious Cunning Panda Sleep Mask Legendary,
  • Popular Pet Panda Sleep Mask Legendary,
  • Pleasant Cunning Panda Sleep Mask,
  • Snowflake Face Paint Legendary, ✔️
  • Crescent Moon Tattoo Legendary,
  • Dream Catcher Moon Tattoo Legendary,
  • House of Cards Clubs Tattoo Legendary, ✔️
  • House of Cards Diamond Tattoo Legendary,
  • House of Cards Hearts Tattoo Legendary,
  • Millennium Rose Tattoo Legendary,
  • Rose Tattoo Legendary,
  • Yin and Yang Tattoo Legendary,
  • Dynasty Oracle Hat Legendary,
  • Hipster Glasses (not spectacles),
  • Intellectual Glasses,
  • Cool Shades,
  • Model's Shades,
  • Black Kitty Spectacles, ✔️
  • Adorable Nurse's Cap,
  • Mysterious Radar Headset Legendary,
  • Mysterious Beastslayer Cane Legendary,
  • Emergency Response Hat Legendary,
  • Black Enchanting Wing Beret Legendary,
  • White Enchanting Wing Beret Legendary,
  • Mysterious Lace Hat Legendary,
  • Mysterious Sprite Sachet Legendary,
  • Mysterious Fish Fin Earrings Legendary,
  • Mysterious Seafarer's Hat Legendary,
  • Mysterious Jewel Demon Eye Legendary,
  • Mysterious Yo Ho Hat Legendary, ✔️
  • Delicate Blue Sprite UFO Legendary, ✔️
  • Mysterious Feather Beanie Legendary,
  • Mysterious Harmonica Legendary,
  • Mysterious Glycon Mask Legendary,
  • Mysterious Mirror Camera Legendary,
  • Mysterious Crystal Mask Legendary,
  • 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate Legendary,
  • First Love Strawberry Donut Legendary
  • Mysterious Blue Seaworthy Uniform Legendary,
  • ALL the Olympics Costumes,
  • Mysterious Ronin Garb Legendary, ✔️
  • Mysterious Ronin Threads Legendary✔️

Prime Costumes 

  • Mysterious Alchemist Goggles Prime, ✔️
  • Mysterious Aviator Shades Prime, ✔️
  • Elite Mummy Revenge's Bandage, ✔️
  • Mysterious Eyepatch Prime, ✔️
  • Mysterious Blossom Spiral Blush, ✔️
  • Mysterious Sprite Sachet, ✔️
  • Mysterious Scent Sachet, ✔️
  • Lipstick Mark Prime, ✔️
  • Single Royal Rose Prime, ✔️
  • Adoration Sticker, ✔️
  • Mysterious Cunning Panda Sleep Mask, ✔️
  • Mysterious Pet Panda Sleep Mask, ✔️
  • Tokoyaki Hat, ✔️
  • Delicate Alpaca Bandage (orange), ✔️
  • Mysterious Chaplin Mustache, ✔️
  • Mysterious Handlebar Mustache, ✔️
  • Mysterious Harmonica, ✔️
  • Mysterious Cheshire Hat Prime, ✔️
  • Mysterious 4B Pencil Prime, ✔️
  • Mysterious Tailcoat Prime, ✔️
  • Mysterious Gown Prime, ✔️
  • Mysterious Sweet Heart Lollipop, ✔️
  • Delicate Alpaca Bandage (green), ✔️
  • Mysterious Bubble Lollipop (green), ✔️
  • Mysterious Wizard's Top Hat Prime, ✔️
  • Sleek Kitsu Ears Set Prime, ✔️
  • Mysterious Alpaca Party Hearty Horn,
  • White Enchanting Wing Beret, ✔️
  • Mysterious Chubby Ghost Prime, ✔️
  • Mysterious Thick-Framed Sunglasses Prime, ✔️
  • Vendetta Anniversary Cake Hat Prime,
  • Anniversary Cookie Prime,
  • Brown Udder Delight Headdress Prime, ✔️
  • Peacock Feather Mask Prime,
  • Mysterious Dog Hat Prime,
  • Mysterious Good Luck Charm Prime,
  • Summer Grilled Squid Prime,
  • Gentleman Rabbit Wig Prime,
  • Lady Bunny Wig Prime, 
  • Midday Sun Blaze Wing,
  • Majestic Melded Marvel Wings Prime,
  • Sunset Flare Blaze Wings,
  • Gilded Melded marvel Wings prime,
  • Serene Melded Marvel Wings Prime,
  • Spirit of 24K Gold Alpaca Prime,
  • Celeste Gossamer Fins Prime,
  • Emerald Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear Prime,
  • Dark Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear Prime,
  • Aqua Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear Prime,
  • Frost Crystal Wings Prime,
  • Sundown Crystal Wings Prime,
  • Emerald Crystal Wings Prime,
  • Blue Seraphic Wings,
  • Golden Sacred Cross Prime,
  • Metal Heart of Justice Prime,
  • Metal Heart of Freedom Prime,
  • Midnight Alpaca Backpack Prime,
  • Ornate Cross Pendant Prime,
  • Bronze Witch's Clock Prime,
  • Gilded Witch's Clock Prime,
  • Green Miraculous Gourd Prime,
  • Majestic Melded Marvel Wings Prime,✔️
  • Midnight Resurrection Egg Prime, ✔️
  • Potted Sprite: Leaf Prime, ✔️
  • Brilliant Black Alpaca's Team Banner Prime, ✔️
  • Blushing Bunny Backpack Prime✔️
  • Mega Scallion Prime,
  • Aurora Lance Prime,
  • Blue Star Light Shield Prime,
  • Lava Star Light Shield Prime,
  • Mecha Light Beam Cannon Prime,
  • Legendary Intricate Painted Drum,
  • Mysterious Rock'n Rose,
  • Lifesaber Prime (between Cupid's Bow and Princess Celstial Wand),
  • Cupids Bow Prime,
  • Magical Bunny Paintbrush Prime,
  • Dream Alpaca Mallet Prime,
  • Sabreflame Slasher Prime,
  • Shadow Lord Sickle Prime, ✔️
  • Red Dual Lifesaber Prime, ✔️
  • Green Lifesaber Prime, ✔️
  • Frostscale Bow Prime, ✔️
  • Knife Prime, ✔️
  • Exquisite Plume Earrings
  • Mysterious Sweet Heart Lollipop (green version)
  • Mysterious Wizard's Top Hat Prime (yellow version)
  • Midnight Resurrection Egg Prime (yellow/green one)
  • Majestic Melded Marvel Wings (green ones)

Luna Rock & Star Stones

  • Violet Reaper Luna Rock, ✔️
  • Emerald Reaper Luna Rock, ✔️
  • Badge of Honor,
  • Spirit Rabbit Transformer,
  • Purple Aquadancer Luna Rock, ✔️
  • Ocean's Sunlit Dream Star Stone, ✔️
  • Ocean's Cerulean Dream Star Stone, ✔️
  • Azurewhisp Shield Luna Rock,
  • Moonbless Shield Luna Rock,
  • Sprite Newgrowth Star Stone, ✔️
  • Canary Classical Star Stone, ✔️
  • Jamberry Jazz Star Stone,
  • Amethyst Luna Rock,
  • Frost Dragon Star Stone,
  • Crimson Sprite Star Gem,
  • Deep Violet Dolphin Luna Rock,
  • Honey Hued Dolphin Luna Rock,
  • Emerald Dolphin Luna Rock,
  • Cobalt Dolphin Luna Rock,
  • Innocent Spirit Luna Rock,
  • Ocean Goddess Star Stone,
  • Sunrise Goddess Star Stone, ✔️
  • Royal Galaxy Star Stone,
  • Royal Soul Luna Rock,
  • Frost Soul Luna Rock,
  • Fire Element Luna Rock,
  • Golden Butterfly Star Stone, ✔️
  • Verdant Butterfly Star Stone, ✔️
  • Crimson Butterfly Star Stone, ✔️
  • Emerald Phoenix Luna Rock, ✔️
  • Crimson Phoenix Luna Rock,✔️
  • Azure Dragon Star Stone✔️

Pets Prime


Here is a imgur link to see the pets i'm missing to put them in altar (would have been too long so prefered to post it as screen shoots)

I know that some pets aren't from altar so skip those !

Thanks for reading

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Mysterious Alpaca Beachwear (Legendary)

Delicate Beach Swin Shorts (Legendary)

Beach Inner Tube (Legendary)


Merigold Clothing and Headwear✔️

Sunshine Yellow Clothing and Headwear✔️

-Mysterious Box

Magic Rocker Flora✔️

Robust Rocker Flora✔️

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