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Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions


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Hi, Boxes : 

Magic Snow Bell Lele / Robust Snow Bell Lele ✔️11/25/21

Magic Witch Alice / Robust Witch Alice  ✔️10/28/21

Magic Night Luna / Robust Night Luna ✔️10/28/21

jtm bb

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Hello 😘 I am here for a request if it can be possible i would like you to put back some of this things ❤👍

Crystal Altar Eden
Bagde of Honor 
Pets: 🐱👓
- Magic Swordswoman Daisy
- Robust Swordswoman Daisy

- Robust Night Luna ✔️10/28/21
- Magic Night Luna ✔️10/28/21

- Magic Rocker Fiora ✔️11/18/21
- Robust Rocker Fiora ✔️11/18/21

- Magic Starlit Sky Alyssia
- Robus Starlit Sky Alyssia

- Magic  Glorious Nalani
- Robust Glorious Nalani

-Robust Snow Bell Lele ✔️11/25/21
-Magic Snow Bell Lele ✔️11/25/21

- Robust Summer Ren
- Magic Summer Ren

- Streamlined Sports Car
-  Flaming Red Sports Car

- Ghost Rider ✔️10/28/21

- Malefits Spirit Wolf

Back Legendary:👜
-  Vengeful Seraph's Wings (All Colors)

- Spirit of Cotton Candy Alpaca (All Colors) ✔️10/28/21

Costume Legendary:👗
- Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cloak (F) ✔️11/18/21
- Mysterious Miko Dress (F) ✔️11/12/21

Weapons Legendary:🗡

- Blazeblight Cestus (All Colors) ✔️11/11/21
- Sparkler (All Colors) ✔️11/25/21
- Cherry Blossom Dagger (All Colors)


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Mystery Box
Green Cherry Blossom Hana ✔️11/11/21
Robust Royal Blade Naga
Robust Scarle Vandra ✔️11/11/21
Shadow Hyena

Crystal Altar
Crimson Star Luna Rock ✔️11/01/21

Thanks 😁

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Hello! Thanks in advance! I have suggestions for Altar/Box:


- Enchanted Pixie Wings

- Crystal Blue Glass Wings/Glamorous Red Glass Wings ✔️11/11/21


- Sakura Hairpin ✔️11/18/21

Please and thank you!!!

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Mystery box:
Magic Royal Blade Naga
Robust Royal Blade Naga
Yellow Cherry Blossom Hana ✔️11/11/21
Green Cherry blossom hana ✔️11/11/21
Jade Ghostblade Ren ✔️11/18/21
Sweet Matcha Yuki
Robust Summer Ren
Magic Summer Ren
Magic Swordsman Daisy
Magic Moonlight Autumn ✔️11/04/21
Robust Ghostblade Ren
Magic Ghostblade Ren
Red Cherry Blossom Hana ✔️11/11/21
Rose Maiden Asuza ✔️11/11/21
Magic Mademoiselle Rita
Magic Dream Luna

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Mysterious Genteel Kimono (Legendary)  ✔️11/19/21
Mysterious Crystal Earring (Legendary)
Mysterious Velvet Headband (Legendary) ✔️11/11/21
Sakura Rice Cakes (Legendary)  ✔️11/19/21
Enchanted Pixie Wings (Legendary)
Sakura's Fans / Azusa's Fans  ✔️11/18/21


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Crystal Altar:

Yellow Blaze Wings (Legendary) ✔️11/11/21

Mysterious Rugged/Sleek Gi Garb (Legendary)

Mysterious Officer's Cap (Legendary) ✔️11/25/21

Mysterious Aviator's Shades (Legendary) ✔️11/18/21



Mysterious Fashionable Wig/Joyful Bride's Wig (Legendary) ✔️11/11/21

Mysterious Ronin Hairpiece/Sakura Hairpin (Legendary) ✔️11/18/21





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(PETS) (it's mostly healing pets xb)

  • Robust / Magic Goddess Hiwa
  • Robust / Magic Enchantress Claire
  • Robust / Magic Golden Belle Lele
  • Robust / Magic White Star Muse
  • Robust / Magic Snow Empress Lenna
  • Robust / Magic Swordswoman Daisy
  • Robust / Magic Floral Haruka
  • Robust / Magic Mademoiselle Rita
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Hello 😘 I am here for a request if it can be possible i would like you to put back some of this things ❤👍


  • Sakura Blossom Yuuki
  • Kanagawa Wave Yuuki
  • Sweet Matcha Yuuki
  • Robust Snowy Kueta ✔️11/18/21
  • Magic Snowy Kueta ✔️11/18/21
  • Magic Silken Sheru
  • Robust Silken Sheru
  • Robust Golden Bell Lele
  • Magic Golden Bell Lele
  • Joyful Sakuya-Hime ✔️11/25/21
  • Anxious Sakuya-Hime ✔️11/25/21
  • Gloomy Sakuya-Hime ✔️11/25/21


  • Mysterious Gentleman Kimono  ✔️11/19/21
  • Hallowed Radiants Wings Hairdo
  • Mysterious Cheshire Hat
  • Mysterious  Bodaciuous Wig

Altars Rocks:

  • Amethyst Star Luna Rock ✔️11/22/21
  • Golden Star Luna Rock  ✔️11/19/21
  • Blue Bubble Luna Rock ✔️11/18/21
  • Blues Idol Star Star Stone ✔️11/22/21
  • Poprock Idol Star Stone
  • Sassy Idol Stat Stone ✔️11/18/21
  • Violet Starlight Luna Rock
  • Golden Starlight Luna Rock
  • Halcyon Dream Star Stone  ✔️11/19/21
  • Verdigris Aquadancer Luna Rock
  • Purpure Aquadancer Luna Rock
  • Scarlet Aquadancer Luna Rock
  • Golden Aquadancer Luna Rock
  • Ocean's Rosy Dream Star Stone
  • Ocean's Malachite Dream Star Stone
  • Ocean's Sunlit Dream Star Stone
  • Ocean's Cerulean Dream Star Stone ✔️11/25/21
  • Hearthflare Shield Luna Rock
  • Solarflame Shield Luna Rock ✔️11/25/21


  • Usagi (Jade,Sakura) Legendary



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On 11/17/2021 at 11:15 AM, Akyme said:


On the next altar, could you please put the following pets :

- Magic Summer Serena
- Robust Summer Serena


Thanks 😄

This will not fit in the Crystal Altar, but it can go in the Diamond Altar.

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Mysterious Rocker Shades [Legendary] (Altar/Eden gem altar)

Mysterious Dynasty Jacket[Legendary] [Altar]

Hand-Dyed Camo Beach Shorts(Legendary) [Altar]

Mysterious Piped Suit Legendary [Altar]

Amethyst/Frost/Sundown/Lava/Emerald Crystal Wings[Legendary] (Boxes)



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On 10/5/2021 at 10:29 PM, Luckiest said:


Genetically Altered Baby Pepper (Legendary)
Takoyaki Hat (Legendary)
Sly Kitty (Legendary)
Sly Kitty Ears (Legendary)
Witty Kitty (Legendary)
Witty Kitty Ears (Legendary)
Mystical Bunny Paintbrush (Legendary)
Delicated Cruel Death Frock (Legendary)
Mysterious Rose Eye Patch (Legendary)
Mysterious Eye Patch (Legendary)
Elite Monocle (Legendary)
Mysterious Dainty Beach Hat (Legendary)
Mysterious Earmuffs (Legendary)
Delicate Alpaca Bandage (Legendary)
Mysterious Shark Doll Hat (Legendary)

Box :
Resplendent Fairy Wings
Mysterious Wedding Gown (Legendary)


thank you ~


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