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Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions


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Golden Oath Wings (Legendary)✔️12/30/21

Pink Oath Wings (Legendary)✔️12/30/21

Twilight Arcane Wings (Legendary) ✔️01/06/22

NIghtfall Arcane Wings (Legendary) ✔️01/06/22

Snowy Wolf King (Legendary) ✔️01/06/22

White Cotton Candy Rabbit ✔️12/30/21

Brown Cotton Candy Rabbit✔️12/30/21

Esurient Bear Hat  ✔️12/16/21

Esurient Panda Hat ✔️12/16/21

Royal Kitty Hat  ✔️12/09/21

Naughty Kitty Hat  ✔️12/09/21

Kitty Cat Hat  ✔️12/09/21

Gentleman Rabbit Wig (Legendary) ✔️01/06/22

Hello Kitty Blue (Ushanka) ✔️12/23/21

Mysterious Winged Goddess Wig (Legendary) ✔️12/16/21


Cuckoo for Coconut Chocolate (Legendary) ✔️12/30/21

Mysterious Sleepy Owl (Legendary  ✔️01/13/22

Thank you!!!


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Hi, here are the requests : 

Box : 

- Magic Ghostblade Ren / Robust Ghostblade Ren (Before others if possible) ✔️12/09/21

- Meow Mask and others ✔️12/16/21

- Phantom Mask✔️12/27/21

- Seraphic Wings (Legendary) and others  ✔️01/13/22

- Angel Rapier (Black) and others✔️12/30/21



- Shadow Kitty Ears (Legendary) ✔️01/07/22

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I'm not very sure which items goes where, just to the best of my Knowledge ~ Can we please have these few items on the coming rotation ~ Would be cool! Thanks Doudou~

Your Friendly Neighborhood Maeze ~ XD

Box Items:

Mysterious Women's Adventure Cape (Legendary) / ✔️01/06/22
Mysterious Combat Mage Garb (Legendary) / ✔️01/06/22
Lady Bunny Wig (Legendary) / ✔️01/06/22
Metamorphosis Hairdo (Legendary) / ✔️12/23/21
Mysterious Winged Goddess Wig (Legendary) / ✔️12/16/21
Hello Kitty: English Suit (Legendary) /  ✔️01/13/22
Fork (Legendary) / Knife (Legendary) /  ✔️01/13/22
Glamorous Butterfly Electric Guitar (Legendary) /   ✔️01/31/22
Dark Love Surprise Box (Legendary) /  ✔️01/13/22
Midnight Alpaca Backpack (Legendary) / ✔️01/20/22
Vengeful Seraph's Wings (Legendary) / ✔️12/16/21
Six Winged Angel White (Legendary) / ✔️01/06/22
Pink Wing Spear (Legendary) / ✔️01/06/22
Redheart Angelic Staff (Legendary) / ✔️01/06/22
SoulFlame Dagger (Legendary) / ✔️12/24/21
Judgement Blade 1H (Legendary)✔️12/30/21

Altar Items:

Stalwart Oracle (Legendary) / Oracle's Key (Legendary) / ✔️12/20/21
Mysterious White Goddess Threads (Legendary) /  ✔️01/13/22
Black and White Udder Delight Onesie (Legendary) / Black and White Udder Delight Headdress (Legendary) /  ✔️01/13/22
Sleek Kitsu Ears Set (Legendary) / ✔️01/06/22
Toy Cigarrete (Legendary) / ✔️1/21/22
Mysterious Sleepy Sheep Wig (Legendary) / ✔️01/06/22
Mysterious Phoenix Tattoo (Legendary) /   ✔️01/14/22
Mysterious Seraph Headphones (Legendary) /   ✔️01/14/22
Mysterious Alpaca Nightcap (Legendary) / ✔️1/21/22
Dark Moon Wings (Legendary) /  ✔️01/20/22
Pink Elf Ear (Legendary) /  ✔️1/20/22
Mask Of The phantom (Legendary) /  ✔️01/31/22
Mysterious Metal Frame Sunglasses (Legendary) /  ✔️1/20/22
Sakura Katana (Legendary) ✔️01/10/22

Gem Altar Items:

Mischievous Silver Seal Puo (Legendary) / ✔️01/27/22
Shell Shield (Legendary) /   ✔️02/04/22
Mysterious Whale Bubbler (Legendary) / ✔️
Mysterious Chic Earring (Legendary) /  ✔️1/20/22
Mysterious Good Luck Charm (Legendary) ✔️

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Hi, I would like to request


Legendary Blazing Eyes (Legendary) ✔️12/31/21

Single Royal Rose (Legendary)  ✔️1/28/22

Soaring Dragon (Legendary, 5 Player) ✔️12/31/21

Mysterious Whistle (Legendary) ✔️

Protestor's Sign (Legendary)  ✔️02/04/22

Silvermoon Daisho (Legendary) ✔️01/27/22

Beach Inner Tube (Legendary)✔️12/30/21

Heart Of The Ocean (Legendary)✔️12/30/21

Blue Blaze Wings (Legendary) ✔️01/27/22

Yellow Blaze Wings (Legendary)  ✔️1/3/22


Mystery Box:

Unholy Aurora Lance (Legendary) (All Color) ✔️01/20/22

Masamune (Legendary) (All Color) ✔️01/27/22


Thank you


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Hello o/
For box :
-Murasame / Masamune ✔️01/27/22
-Chic Kitty Claws   ✔️01/13/22
-SoulFlame Dagger ✔️01/20/22

-Black/ Purple Flame Tiger✔️12/30/21

-Magician Jenny   ✔️01/13/22
-Wonderland Alice  ✔️01/13/22
-Fairy Melody ✔️01/20/22

Thank you o/

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Magic Tania / Robust Tania  ✔️01/13/22
Magic Sapphire Star Marisa / Robust Sapphire Star Marisa✔️


Snow Blue Clothing Color / Snow Blue Headwear Color    ✔️01/17/22
Ice Blue Clothing Color / Ice Blue Headwear Color   ✔️01/14/22
Pale Blue Clothing Color / Pale Blue Headwear Color  ✔️01/13/22

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at the altar I would like to see the old outfit like 

- Mysterious Dynasty Cheongsam (Legendary)✔️

- Mysterious Magic Princess Gown (Legendary)   ✔️02/04/22

- Mysterious White Goddess Threads (Legendary)   ✔️01/13/22

- Sparkler (Black) - (Silver)   ✔️02/04/22 Mystery Box

- Dragonic Winged Artillery Gun (Legendary) ✔️01/27/22

- Upgraded Treasure : Mysterious Advanced Messiah Garb

- Seraphic Wings (Legendary)   ✔️01/13/22

- Holy Flames Uriel's Wings (Legendary)   ✔️02/04/22

- Mysterious Wings Headwear (Legendary)    ✔️01/17/22

- Omate Cross Pendant (Legendary)✔️

- Elite Mummy's Revenge Bandage (Legendary)✔️

- Mysterious Feisty Noble's Wig (Legendary)  ✔️02/04/22 Mystery Box

-Mysterious Winged Goddess Wig (Legendary)  ✔️01/13/22

Thanks in advance ! Sorry that's a lot of subject.

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