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Altar/Mystery Box Suggestions


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Hi I'd like to request:


Mysterious Swordsman Garb (Legendary) ✔️03/31/22

Mysterious Seraph Headphones (Legendary) (White version)  ✔️04/28/22

Forest Folk Star Stone  ✔️03/24/22

I'm rather new and I'd like to finish my costume set, and those are the only ones I'm interested in. I hope I can get them soon because I'd rather not buy anything else and leaving the spots empty atm.

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Mysterious Valiant Warrior's Armor (Legendary)✔️05/09/22
Stalwart Templar Cape(Legendary) ✔️04/07/22
Judgement Blade (1-Hand)✔️04/21/22
ThunderStorm GreatBlade(Legandary) Diamond Altar Exclusive Item
Phantom Mask  ✔️03/24/22
Exquisite Plume Errings(Legendary) ✔️05/06/22
Robust Devillish Belle ✔️04/21/22

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  • Shadow Kitty (Legendary) ✔️04/07/22



  • Magic/Robust Magician Jenny✔️04/21/22
  • Magic/Robust Night Luna ✔️04/07/22
  • Blossom Sweetheart's Hairdo (Legendary) ✔️04/14/22





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Mysterious Ninja Threads ( Legendary )  ✔️05/16/22

Silvermoon Daisho ✔️04/29/22

Mysterious Bitten Scroll of Ninjutsu ( if its a altar item )  ✔️05/16/22

thaaanks :D

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Hey, guess what time it is!
That's right! It's time to suggest a boatload of stuff in someone else's stead again!

I didn't really put much effort into spellchecking or finding which outfits pair this time, hope y'all don't mind.

Mysterious Courtier Gentry Suit (Legendary)✔️05/13/22

Mysterious Joyful Wedding Dress (Legendary) ✔️04/07/22
Mysterious Elegant Tuxedo (Legendary) ✔️04/07/22

Mysterious Woman's Adventure Cape (Legendary) ✔️04/14/22

Mysterious Shadow Hunter Garb (Legendary) ✔️04/21/22

Mysterious Black Ultramodern Armor Threads (Legendary)✔️05/13/22
Mysterious Black Ultramodern Armor Garb (Legendary)✔️05/13/22

Mysterious Blue Ultramodern Armor Threads (Legendary)✔️05/23/22
Mysterious Blue Ultramodern Armor Garb (Legendary)✔️05/23/22

Mysterious Blue Sailor Gal Skirt (Legendary) ✔️04/17/22
Mysterious Blue Seaworthy Uniform (Legendary)

Mysterious Orange Banshee Costume (Legendary)✔️05/23/22
Mysterious Orange Demon Lord Robe (Legendary)✔️05/23/22

Mysterious Dark Witch's Thread (Legendary)✔️05/30/22
Mysterious Dark Wizard's Garb (Legendary)✔️05/30/22

Mysterious Pink Leopard Cloak (Legendary)✔️05/30/22
Mysterious Grey Leopard Cape (Legendary)✔️05/30/22

Mysterious Brown Leopard Cape (Legendary) ✔️06/06/22

Mysterious Comfy Pajamas (Legendary)✔️06/06/22

Mysterious Custom Pacifier (Legendary)  ✔️05/16/22

Mysterious Classic Mini Top Hat (Legendary)✔️05/27/22

Mysterious Bejeweled Pendant (Legendary)✔️05/27/22

Mysterious Feather Crown (Legendary)✔️05/27/22

Mysterious Thousand Dollar Jolly Red Envelope (Legendary)✔️05/27/22

Mysterious Pirate Turban (Legendary)✔️05/13/22

Mysterious Potter Round Readers (Legendary)✔️05/26/22

Mysterious Rosette (Legendary) ✔️05/06/22

Handmade Red Bean Rice Cake Headdress (Legendary)✔️05/26/22

Custom Luck Clover (Legendary)✔️05/26/22

Mysterious Rose Headdress (Legendary)✔️05/26/22

Mysterious Mardi Gras Mask (Legendary) (black)✔️05/26/22
Mysterious Mardi Gras Mask (Legendary) (white) ✔️06/03/22

Grey Elf Ears (Legendary)✔️05/20/22
Brown Elf Ears (Legendary) ✔️05/13/22

Summer Grilled Squid (Legendary)✔️05/20/22

Peacock Feather Mask (Legendary) ✔️06/03/22

Alpaca Biscuit (Legendary)✔️05/13/22

Baby Northern Peeper (Legendary)✔️06/02/22

Delicate Ribbon Blossom Hairpin (Legendary) ✔️06/03/22

Mysterious Eyepatch (Legendary)✔️05/20/22

Mysterious Xmas Cap (Legendary) ✔️06/03/22

Mysterious Bunny Hat (Legendary) ✔️04/15/22

Mysterious Wings Headwear (Legendary)✔️06/02/22

Enigma Bell (Legendary)✔️05/19/22

Mysterious Pastry Chef's Toque (Legendary)✔️05/20/22

And a little something for myself since I'm at it
Blue Cherry Blossom Hana ✔️05/06/22
Think of it like this, it's spring so we need cherry blossoms ;o

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Hello! Thanks in advance! I have suggestions for Altar/Box:

- Mysterious Scent Sachet (Legendary) ✔️04/08/22

- Peacock Feather Mask(Legendary) ✔️06/03/22

- Alpaca Biscuit (Legendary)✔️05/13/22

- Strawberry Donut (Legendary)✔️05/19/22

- Mysterious Purple Demon Cat Headphones (Legendary)  ✔️06/02/22

- Mysterious Fantasy Magic Hat (Legendary)✔️

- Secret Treasure Hand Dyed Butterfly Headdress(Legendary) ✔️06/02/22

- Cunning Minidemon's Wings(Legendary) ✔️06/02/22

- Sunlit Tendril Fan (Legendary)✔️05/19/22

- Acorn Ferris Wheel (Legendary) ✔️06/10/22

- Icegem Snowflake (Legendary)✔️05/13/22

- Ancient Runic Wings (Legendary) ✔️06/10/22

- Celestial Rainbow Wings (Legendary) ✔️06/10/22

- Milky Way Wings (Legendary) ✔️06/10/22

- Midnight Alpaca Backpack (Legendary) ✔️06/09/22

- Mysterious Brown Leopard Cloak (Legendary) ✔️06/06/22

- Mysterious Black Ultramodern Armor Threads (Legendary)✔️05/13/22

- Soul Sickle (Legendary)✔️05/13/22

- Shadow Lord Sickle (Legendary)✔️05/19/22

- Red Shadow Lord Sickle (Legendary) ✔️06/09/22

- Glass Wing Staff (Legendary) ✔️06/09/22

- Mecha Dragon Punch (Legendary) ✔️04/07/22

- Nightshade Scythe (Legendary) ✔️03/31/22

- Celestial Princess Wand (Legendary) ✔️06/09/22

- Demon Pirate Cutlass (Legendary)✔️05/13/22

- Plumed Fan (Legendary)  ✔️06/13/22

- Petal Dance Fan (Legendary)✔️05/19/22

- Crazy Capybara Chainsaw (Legendary)✔️

Please and thank you! 


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Hi there!~

I'd like to request for Eden Crystal Altar:

  • Magic / Robust Cerberus pet

and for Mystery Boxes:

  • Magic / Robust Energetic Gogo pet ✔️03/31/22
  • Magic / Robust Glorious Nalani pet ✔️04/21/22

please and thank you! 😁

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Hi again! Here are my suggestions for altar and boxes. Thank you in advance!



-Mysterious Wild Outback Digs Legendary and its female counterpart  ✔️04/28/22

-Legendary Blazing Eye ✔️06/13/22

-Blazeblight Cestus legendary ✔️04/21/22

-Mecha Dragon Punch legendary ✔️04/07/22


Item Mall Boxes:

-Sweet Matcha Yuki Legendary✔️

-Magic/Robust Summer Ren  ✔️04/28/22

-Magic/Robust Ghostblade Ren  ✔️04/28/22

-Magic/Robust Reaper of the Sea Althea ✔️05/06/22

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  • 2 weeks later...


  • Hello Kitty: Blue Ushanka  ✔️04/28/22
  • Robust Amaris/Magic Amaris (The chibi one) ✔️05/06/22


  • Myterious Blazing Eye (Legendary) ✔️06/13/22
  • Mysterious Toy Cigarette (Legendary) ✔️04/21/22
  • Aurora Lance (Legendary)✔️05/19/22 in MB
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Bonjour / Hello


Altar Gem or Altar cristal


_Mysterious Orange Banshee Costume ( Legendary ) ✔️05/23/22 /  ✔️06/13/22

_Mysterious Peach Banshee Costume ( Legendary ) ✔️06/13/22



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Prophesy Light Tarot Card✔️05/26/22
Fated Dark Tarot Card✔️05/26/22

Sunny Glow Fox Nine Tails ✔️06/09/22
Netherworld Fox Nine Tails ✔️06/09/22

Sacred Lightning Magnetic Machine Gun  ✔️04/28/22
Chaos  Magnetic Machine Gun  ✔️04/28/22

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  • Sky Blue Clothing / Headwear Color  ✔️05/02/22

Box Items

  • Dark Moon Wings / Misty Moon Wings ✔️04/21/22
  • Blue Astral Wings / Pink Astral Wings  ✔️04/28/22
  • Flower-feathered Chickadee / Black-feathered Chickadee (Legendary)  ✔️04/28/22
  • Female Ghostblade Hairdo / Male Ghostblade Hairdo (Legendary) ✔️05/06/22
  • Petal Hairdo (Legendary) / (Don't know which is the Male ver.) ✔️05/19/22
  • (I MUST have these new wigs in my archive, for Future Use!!) 😍


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Sakura Hairpin legendary ✔️05/13/22

mysterious oMeow Ear Beanie legendary  ✔️06/16/22 (Mystery Box)

Mysterious Cat-Ear Headphone legendary ✔️05/06/22

Mysterious Astral Ribbon Ponytail legendary✔️

Mysterious Royal Floret Hairpin legendary  ✔️06/17/22

Mysterious Floral Updo legendary ✔️06/16/22

Secret Treasure Hand-Dyed Hair now legendary  ✔️06/16/22

Secret Treasure Hand-dyed Butterfly Headdress legendary  ✔️06/02/22

Exquisite Plume Earrings legendary ✔️05/06/22

Mysterious Strawberry Jam Sandwich legendary ✔️06/16/22

Mysterious Soft Kitty Nightie legendary ✔️06/20/22

VIP pop star gown legendarY ✔️06/20/22

Mysterious Chastity’s hood legendary ✔️05/19/22 in MB

Mysterious Floral Sprite legendary ✔️06/17/22

Mysterious Nutcracker Doll legendary  ✔️06/17/22

Mysterious Desert Rose Dress legendary  ✔️06/23/22

Int Jet Wings legendary ✔️06/23/22

Violet Envy Butterfly Wings legendary ✔️06/23/22

Dew Lazurite Wings legendary  ✔️06/09/22

Periwinkle pixie wings legendary ✔️06/24/22

Amethyst crystal Wings legendary ✔️06/24/22

Fallen Angel Wings legendary ✔️07/22/22

Fantastic butterfly wings legendary ✔️07/04/22

vengeful seraph’s wings legendary ✔️05/13/22

divine seraph’s wings legendary✔️05/13/22

Crystal Wand legendary  ✔️06/30/22

pet : Dark Night Phoenix ✔️


Blazeblight cestus ✔️04/21/22

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Crystal Altar

Mysterious nutcracker doll (prime) ✔️04/29/22
Mysterious tai chi dress (prime) ✔️04/29/22
Mysterious pastry chef threads (prime)  ✔️04/28/22
Mysterious candy sweetheart (prime)  ✔️04/28/22
Seraphic wings (prime) ✔️04/29/22
Mysterious Winged goddess wig (prime)  ✔️04/28/22
Mysterious sultry succubus wig (prime  ✔️04/28/22
Purity fire star stone  ✔️04/28/22
Ivory starlight luna rock  ✔️05/02/22
Chaos luna rock ✔️04/29/22

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