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Ingame for more time and Temple Knight 2.0


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Hie, i know i've been off ingame and forum these days, having less time to play.
But i would like to suggest something that i miss into Eden Eternal, mostly on awaken.
We have small contents during day, pve and pvp, which takes 30min for some of them and 1h for others.
i would like to see more contents like i saw into other games these days.

We could have open pvp map with limited trophy(could be combo too), spawning different bosses during different days, players can spawn bosses killing legions (like normal legions but a bit buffed), these trophy could have limited time duration, having 1 day and 7 days versions, but never permanent ones.
Trophy status: just what i think would be nice to see, More skill buffs on trophy for classes, like world bosses trophy.
We could have consumable items too like 5% hp and mp, all status 5%,Status potions (LCK,STR,AGI,INT,WIS) more accessible.
I miss a bit contents that bring us ingame for more time.

Also would like to suggest new Temple Knight DNG, with new acessories, maybe change a bit them and make them not stackable.
Rings -20% resist and for weapon combos would like to see them a bit diferent making all weapons for all combos, and healing/tank status for combos too.

Just small things that i wanted to leave here noted :3
Ty for attention ❤️

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