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Halloween Event!


Hey everyone!

We've activated our Halloween Event this week which has spooky gifts for you to collect! 👻


<Magic Moon Girl> Luna has arrived in Aven!


Make sure to take her out to gain rewards in your mail!

Note: Like previous events you can obtain her as a pet from the mail reward and upgrade her to prime using your Spooky Coin's.

Event Available: 28th October 2021 ~ 18th November 2021


<Pumpkin Boy> Sam


Head over to Pumpkin Boy Sam in aven to trade your Spooky Coin's for rewards.

All costumes available last Halloween are once again available during this event so if you missed out last year don't worry!

He also has two new costumes for verteran players to collect and a new mount!

Pumpkin Lollipop & Spooky Ghost


Spooky Wyvern


Daily Login Rewards

We've enabled Daily Login Rewards!


Available: 28th October 2021 ~ 11th November 2021



We have enable some new Mystery Boxes for you to purchase from the item mall!

Forgotten Ghostblade Ren & Rising Ghostblade Ren Mystery Boxes


Indigo Skeletal Wings & Charred Skeletal Wings Mystery Box


Firefox Kitsune, Light Blue Kitsune & Amethyst Kitsune Mystery Boxes


Darkflame Kitsune, Dark Green Kitsune & Shadow Kitsune Mystery Boxes


Available: 28th October 2021 ~ 18th November 2021


We have also re-enabled some of our older Mystery Boxes that will also have a limited purchase 5 pack bundle available in the Limited Item's section of the Item Mall!

  • Slaughter Phantom Blade Mystery Box
  • Sanguine Phantom Blade Mystery Box
  • Nightfall Demon Drake Ilu Mystery Box
  • Demir Mystery Box
  • Wicked Shadow: Midnight Lion Mystery Box
  • Ghost Rider Mystery Box

Available: 28th October 2021 ~ 18th November 2021



👻 Happy Halloween! 👻

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