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Patch v35


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Awaken 75 Weapons


We have updated all the level 75 Awaken Weapons translations to be worded to my format and additionally fixed any typo's along the way.




We have added the Lucky Ducky Mystery Box as a rare drop from the bosses in Skytower!

We have updated the Reward Count per boss to two Etherworld Essence's!

We have increased the drop rates of the Treasure items and Mount.

We have updated all the Gem translations to be worded to my format and additionally fixed any typo's along the way.



The Diamond Altar will be availble this week!

We have enable some new Mystery Boxes for you to purchase from the item mall!

Blushy Ghostblade Ren, Jade Ghostblade Ren & Lost Ghostblade Ren Mystery Boxes


Sweetheard Belle Mystery Box


Streamlined Sports Car, Jet Black Sports Car & Flaming Red Sports Car Mystery Boxes


Corgi, Naughty Corgi & Playful Corgi Mystery Boxes


Obsius, Draca & Mithroth Mystery Boxes


Chaos Wings Mystery Box


Ghost Scythe Mystery Box




  • As with the content on offical, the elemental resistance cap has been raised to 70 pts.
  • We have updated Territory War times on Weekdays to open at 5PM server time.
  • With the Territoy War time being 1 hour later we also had to move Elysian Island back by 40 minutes to 5:40PM. However, we will be looking into maybe adjusting one of these times in the near future to help cover more timezones.
  • Added Honor Star Chest's to all 75 Trial Class Drops and they can be Needed/Greeded!
  • Updated Eternal Coin's in 70 & 75 Trial Class Drops so they can now be Needed/Greeded!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Shura buff in Territory War so it can no longer be canceled with items.
  • Fixed a text error on Dragon Knight Skill Dark Drake Mode.
  • Fixed a text error and a bug on the Shaman Class Talent Scrying Knowledge.
  • Fixed the name of the item Mysterious Nutcracker Doll (Prime).


Enjoy the Climb!

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