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Give santa hat and costume to all players for this christmas.


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Do you think its a good idea to add an event in the website events page (https://sb.vendettagn.com/event.vgn) that (simillar to the starter packs costumes) lets you chose a santa hat for your desired character ? Also there could be an event in game where you can also get the santa helper costume. It doesn't even need to be a quest that requires you to kill hoards of moobs or raid a dungeon to get items for crafting. A daily quest where you need to login 3-5 days and travel to a point on the map or speak to a NPC or even just getting a replicube from an NPC everyday and opening it for a chance to get the costume would be enought. I am sure you had another events ready for christmas, but i think this one would be nice to have as well.

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