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Item mall price reduction


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While I understand that the item mall and mystery chest are what allows the sever to keep working, I make the following suggestion only so that maybe we can help keep new players.

Reduce the pet data chips in the item mall by 50%. I think far too many new people need them as well as veterans who create alts but don't buy them and I think the cost might be why. I think at least for a short time they can be reduced to help new players gear their character up to be more competitive against maxed geared players.  

On a side note - Recommend increasing uni costumes and hats drop rate in game (Reason as follows.)

Uni grafting tools require uni items and rare items to make them useful. I personally use uni grafting tools to graft rare costumes onto the unique ones, but the problem is that I'm not getting very many unique costumes or hats when I farm let alone any of the newer unique costumes, hats, and weapon skins that have certain stats. Because of how low these uni items drop I can't take a rare costumes and hats and graft them onto the uni ones. So, I recommend increasing the drop rate of the unique costumes, hats, and weapon skins which will increase their availability for people, like myself, to use purchased uni grafting tools and rare costumes to make the look we want on the uni stated costumes that we can wear at any time.


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