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Christmas Event
The event will end on January 13th 2022


<Ice Fairy> Melody has arrived in Aven!
Note: She respawns every 3 hours.



For those who are unfamiliar with our Awaken Server's event dungeon Vendetta Treasury we have brought our Winter Replacement to Classic too!

You can expect high EXP and CP gains with monster levels that cater to your own levels!

Want to level a Tank, Healer or Support class? Don't worry we provide you replacement skills where necessary.

You will also be rewarded with some goodies on completition!

Speak to Snow Cave Explorer Steven in Aven (X:289,Y:461) to Enter!



We're also giving away some free goodies on our event page!

Click Me!


Make sure to check out our ongoing forum event for the Christmas Season!



We will be enabling the Diamond Altar on Thursday including enabling some new Mystery Boxes!

Mystery Boxes

  • Darker Seraph Wings Mystery Box
  • Bright Seraph Wings Mysery Box
  • Uriel's WIngs Mystery Box
  • Chainsaw Mystery Box
  • Bear Hammer Mystery Box
  • Leporine Nimbus Mystery Box
  • Cerulean Leporine Nimbus Mystery Box
  • Rainbow Leporine Nimbus Mystery Box
  • Flower Melody Mystery Box
  • Idol Star Stone Mystery Box
  • Starlight Luna Rock Mystery Box

Diamond Altars

Winter's Curse Cestus and some returning costumes

Note: We will also be increasing the top row Eden Star Diamond on the Crystal Altar to 3 instead of 2 for this event only!




We've now enabled Class Drops in 65, 70 and 75 Trials! We hope this helps anyone struggling to get their pre-awaken weapon drops!

Along with class drops we've also enabled 120% Weapon and Armor Grades again!


🎄 Merry Christmas 🎄

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