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Suggestions: Building EXP/Others.


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1. I'd like to ask/suggest that this change from Patch V25 Classic be done for Awaken server as well. Our population isn't nearly as big as it used to be and we've many "alt" guilds with high level buildings and alt leaders keeping them active, I think it'd be a nice change to add to incorporate more active guilds into leveling up guild towns, and help them feel as if it's not a "chore" anymore since it takes a lot of time/people/gold to do. 

Guild Town crafting will now give 5x Building EXP on the following:

  • All level 20 Orange Rings and Necklaces.
  • All level 23 Orange Armors.
  • All level 20 Potions.

All level 20 Farm, Mining and Summoning Blueprints.

2. I'd also like to suggest that the original quest lines for Dragon Knight/Sage/Mimic get a "instant" option upon following Patch V90 for Awaken server. The Mimic one I've thrown in just because it is "tedious" to some, more so the focus is the other two extremely long quests that often bug and noobs get lost on doing a lot of the times, resulting in them stuck for days.

3. Updated Explorer Rank Rewards:  If nothing else I think that the heartflame should be updated to a higher level as our gear proceeds far beyond Lv70, these have become quite useless and literally just stock up because there isn't anything to use them on for people in the top 5 ranking. I'd like to suggest that it be at least a Lv100 heartflame, if you're feeling generous maybe even the original Heartflame that isn't level locked and top 5 monthly ranking be the only accessible way to obtain them.

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