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Hey everyone, as you can see with our Eden Eternal Awaken Patch v90 we did a big overhaul on the game to improve the experience for new players, returning players and even current players. Now that the Holiday period is coming to an end I will now be doing a similar process to Classic. Our goal is to make the game more accessible to newer players and returning players which should hopefully benefit current players too.

We expect to launch this patch next week so for now I will just post some information on some of the things we will be looking into:

  • We want to give players who are new/returning some gear so that they can easily access the higher level content without feeling like a dead weight.
  • We want to making the character leveling experience better.
  • We want to improve the experience for crafting and racial crafting giving it some nice QoL changes.
  • We want to make pod farming your buffs and recommended events easier.
  • Plus many more small QoL changes.

However, being vague is quite boring so I'll give you two pieces of information.

  1. We will be adding the updated drop system that Awaken Server has (Auto Looting and Player Specific Drops).
  2. We will be creating some new custom daily dungeons that will give some really nice rewards to help people farm things such as Eternal Coin's, Honor Stars and Cystal Cross Medals.



[GS]MrDoudou has been handling suggestions for this patch and some of you may have already been contacted by him to provide feedback. So if anyone has feedback they would like to give please contact him directly so he can pass it to me. You can usually find him in game with that character name.


Changes This Week!

Although our patch is next week we will be performing some changes this week that do not require a patch to be made!

Crystal Altar Updates

Based on the feedback we felt it was time to move on from the Lucky Safety Stones. As the levels grow higher the more important having maxed gear has become. So we will be moving to Halcyon Stones on the Crystal Altar.

Coral Lucky Safety Stone -> Coral Halcyon Safety Stone
Ultramarine Lucky Safety Stone -> Ultramarine Halcyon Safety Stone
Viridian Lucky Safety Stone -> Viridan Halcyon Safety Stone

Note: Please do not discard your Lucky Safety Stones as we will be adding a conversion for them next week with the patch.

We also have heard your feedback. Eternal Coin's should be in bigger quantities on Altar!

129 Eternal Coins -> 200 Eternal Coins
Safety Stone -> 50 Eternal Coins

Gem Altar Updates

Based on feedback we have made the following adjustments to the Gem Altar:

Corona's Extract Lv65 -> Corona's Extract Lv70
Corona's Essence/Stardust Lv60 -> Lv65
Corona's Essence/Stardust Lv55 -> Lv60
Corona's Essence/Stardust Lv50 -> Lv55
Corona's Essence/Stardust Lv45 -> Lv50
Corona's Essence/Stardust Lv35 -> Lv45
Lucky Safety Stone x1 -> x2
Power Scroll Lv80 -> CP Charm II
Guard Scroll Lv80 -> EXP Charm II

Ranking Reward Updates

Based on the above Safety Stone changes we have made the following adjustments to the Ranking Rewards:

EE Top 10 Players Award
Ultramarine Halcyon Safety Stone -> Ultramarine Sublime Safety Stone

Top 10 Players of the Month Award
Ultramarine Halcyon Safety Stone -> Ultramarine Sublime Safety Stone

Note: The box text will state Halcyon Safety Stone till the patch.


We hope you like this information!

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