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RE: Classic Update Information


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Hi Jordan,

Happy to see that Classic is finally receiving QoL changes that will improve the player experience.


Loot System Changes

One critique I do have about these changes is the introduction of the personal loot system that awaken currently has. This system should not be added to Classic. With the introduction of class drops to the server, it is already easy enough to access things that drop in dungeons and what not. Other things that don't have class drops (DD, VL, S-Trial Combos) are meant to be more difficult to farm. Adding these systems just removes any effort that players had left to put into the game to farm things. Additionally, the extra drops create clutter even with auto trashing whites & greens.

Alternatively, if you're able to update the auto trash system to include blues this can help alleviate the issue with clutter. Additionally, if you're able to figure out a way to prevent people from filling up mules' inventories to help increase drop rates for specific things, that would be beneficial. If these things can be rectified, I don't personally have an issue with this system being added.

Ranking Changes

Change the EI ranking rewards to be aligned with the changed crystal altar. Update the tooltips to show the changed items. 

25 Man Dungeon

Remove formulas from 25 man dungeon, replace with stones.


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For me, the problem with this server is balancing, either it's too hard or it's too easy. In my opinion, the class drop is too cheated too (the percentage of drops is too high) , in two hours of farming, we dropped like 80% of the trophies Trial 75 and i didn't talk about weapons -> give us all achievements directly or the stuff if it's to do that. 

I agree with Matt about all he said. 


Too easy -> less time to spend in game -> boring -> End game.






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