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Adventure Realm

We've added some new daily dungeons to the game. These dungeons are once per account completable dungeons that can be accessed in Aven. These dungeons give some really nice rewards including guaranteed Eternal Coins, Honor Stars and Crystal Cross Medals.

To access the Adventure Realm head to Aven (X:455, Y:372) and speak with the Adventurer of the day!





Shaman Class Update

We recieved feedback a while ago about the Shaman class and after some discussions I decided the best course of action was to revamp the class. I will be stating clearly here this is not becoming a class balancing game where every week we're doing updates to classes. However, there is one or two other classes I will be looking into over the next couple of weeks and may or may not make some changes to.

The goal here is not to nerf anything but simply bring up a class that would otherwise wouldn't be used.


Natural Punishment
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Grants M-ATK and deals Double Hit Nature DMG to the target.


Rage of Storms
Cast Time: 2 seconds
No Cooldown Time
Grants M-ATK and deals Lightning DMG to all enemies within 10 meters of the target reducing their ATK SPD, Cast SPD and deals Lightning DMG every second for 10 seconds, stacks 3 times.


Nature Shield
Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
No Cooldown Time
Grants the target P-DMG & M-DMG Taken and Parry for 30 seconds.


Marks of Wind
Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
No Cooldown Time
Grants Party Members within 50 meters AGI & LCK for 15 minutes.


Earth Energy
Cast Time: 1.5 seconds
No Cooldown Time
Grants Party Members within 50 meters STR & INT for 15 minutes.


Drops of Heaven
Cast Time: 2 seconds
No Cooldown Time
Heals all party members within a 25 meter target area  and will recover HP every second for 5 seconds.


Totem of Wrath
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Summons a "Totem of Wrath" equal to the casters Skill Level for 30 seconds.
Totem of Wrath reduces surrounding enemies Elemental Resistance -3 pts every second for 5 seconds, stacks 5 times.
Cannot coexist with Totem of Grace.


Totem of Grace
Cooldown: #24# seconds
Summons a "Totem of Grace" equal to the casters Skill Level for 30 seconds.
Totem of Grace recovers surrounding party members HP between 1% and 3% HP and removes 1 negative status every second.
Cannot coexist with Totem of Wrath.


Black Puma
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Transforms into a Black Puma for 15 seconds granting Move SPD and EVA.
Note: This effect is removed when attacking.


Cast Time: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Revives Target. Character will be revived with HP and MP, EXP penalty will be reduced by 50%.


Repressed Element
Cast Time: 1 seconds
Cooldown: 3 seconds
Grants M-ATK and deals Nature DMG to the target and has a 50% chance to inflict Fear status for 3 seconds.




Natural Punishment Glyph
Shaman skill <Natural Punishment> DMG +10%.

Nature Shield Glyph
When attacked while in "Nature Shield" status, P-Healing +25% for 6 seconds.

Rage of Storms Glyph
When attacking, if the target has "Rage of Storms" status, there is a 15% chance to reduce Move SPD -35% for 6 seconds.

Black Puma Glyph
When attacked while in "Black Puma" status, DMG Taken -10% and Move SPD +20% for 6 seconds.

Earth Energy Glyph
When attacked while in "Earth Energy" status, there is a 30% chance to increase Physical Resistance +5 pts for 10 seconds.




Staff Bonus
Increases P-ATK and M-ATK by 10% when equipped with a Staff.
Cast SPD +5%.

Shield of Nature (Human)
P-DMG Taken -5%.

One with Nature (Zumi)
Fire, Lightning and Nature Resistance +10 pts.

Wild Resonance (Ursun)
M-CRIT DMG +20%.

Tribe Summon (Anuran)
M-CRIT Rate +20%.

Ancestors Favorite (Halfkin)
G-Healing +10%.




Thunder Master
Max Level 5.
Rage of Storm DMG +3%.

Ancient Knowledge
Max Level 20.
Staff & Grimoire P-ATK and M-ATK +1%.

Scrying Knowledge
Max Level 20.
WIS +1%.


Vendetta Starter Weapons

You will recieve a quest upon hitting level 40 that will give you a full set of Custom Vendetta Starter Weapons that will level up with your character every 5 levels until level 70.

The stats of the weapons will be equivalent to a gold weapon of the same level at +10 fortification.

The weapons cannot be fortified or gemmed but will grant Resistances, Movement Speed, EXP and Class EXP.


Altar Updates

Just as a reminder I will be reiterating the Altar Changes that where made last week here.

However, as mentioned last week there is now a conversion for Tradable Viridian, Ultramarine and Coral Lucky Safety Stones using the Arcane Box. The current ratio is 2 Luckys to 1 Halcyon. This may change in the future though so it's best to exchange your stones while you can!
Simply put the Lucky's into the Arcane Box to convert.


Crystal Altar Updates

Based on the feedback we felt it was time to move on from the Lucky Safety Stones. As the levels grow higher the more important having maxed gear has become. So we will be moving to Halcyon Stones on the Crystal Altar.

Coral Lucky Safety Stone -> Coral Halcyon Safety Stone
Ultramarine Lucky Safety Stone -> Ultramarine Halcyon Safety Stone
Viridian Lucky Safety Stone -> Viridan Halcyon Safety Stone

We also have heard your feedback. Eternal Coin's should be in bigger quantities on Altar!

129 Eternal Coins -> 200 Eternal Coins
Safety Stone -> 50 Eternal Coins

Gem Altar Updates

Based on feedback we have made the following adjustments to the Gem Altar:

Corona's Extract Lv65 -> Corona's Extract Lv70
Corona's Essence/Stardust Lv60 -> Lv65
Corona's Essence/Stardust Lv55 -> Lv60
Corona's Essence/Stardust Lv50 -> Lv55
Corona's Essence/Stardust Lv45 -> Lv50
Corona's Essence/Stardust Lv35 -> Lv45
Lucky Safety Stone x1 -> x2
Power Scroll Lv80 -> CP Charm II
Guard Scroll Lv80 -> EXP Charm II


Drop System Changes

We've updated to use the updated Drop System that includes player specific drops and auto-looting.

Added Class Drops to the 70-S Trials for Eden Crystals, Eternal Coins and Honor Stars.

We've updated Flame Ash from Volcanic Altar to contain NT Halcyon Stones instead of Halcyon Formulas.

We've updated Mutant Monster Expedition Reward Box to contain Virdian Lucky Safety Stone, Ultramarine Lucky Safety Stone and Coral Lucky Safety Stone x3.


Guild Towns

Added Material Merchant Alice and Material Merchant Susie who will sell Fame Materials directly from Guild Town.


Added Collecting Expert Hanga to Guild Towns!
Note: Also updated him to use the Trade System.

Added Pickaxe Merchant Phio, Gardening Gloves Seller Ri and Crystal Ball Dealer Aidey to Guild Town.


Racial Crafting

Zumis can now access the level 80 Racial Crafts at level 75.

Ursuns can now access the Luminary Glyph at level 75.

Anurans can now access the level 80 Racial Crafts at level 75.
Note: The level 80 Essence enhancement has been removed.



Updated all Orange 1-65 Rings and Necklace crafting formula's that where below 50% success rate to be 50% success rate.

Update all Orange Capes War Stone requirements to match the Awaken Server.

All Level 3 Potions now have a 100% success rate when being crafted.

Updated the following crafts to give Guild EXP x4 and Building EXP x5 and will take 2 seconds to craft:

  • All level 20 Orange Rings and Necklaces.
  • All level 23 Orange Armors.
  • All level 20 Potions.
  • All level 20 Farming, Mining and Summoning blueprints.

Note: I know some of this was previously implemented but some things where missed/skipped.


Misc. Updates

  • We have performed some fixes to Teleport Skills such as Dimension Jump and Pulling Skills. We cannot know for sure if any and all issues have been fixed but it feels better in testing so we assume that it's been improved at the very least.
  • Removed the Christmas Event Related Content.
  • Updated Warrior, Knight and Templar Glyph Translations.
  • Updated Thief, Martial Artist, Blade Dancer and Samurai Glyph Translations.
  • Updated Hunter, Engineer and Ranger Glyph Translations.
  • Updated Cleric, Bard and Shaman Glyph Translations.
  • Updated Mage, Illusionist, Warlock and Luminary Glyph Translations.
  • Updated Certificate Dynamic Body I & II to be P-ATK instead of Parry.
  • Updated Certificate Powerful Muscle II to be 25% instead of 15%.
  • Updated Certificate Holy Inspiration II to be 25% instead of 15%.
  • Updated Certificate Sorcery Knowledge II to be 25% instead of 15%.
  • Updated all Certificate Translations.
  • Increase the Free Portal stone buff to last until level 70.
  • Reduced the Crystal Cross Medal cost for the Awaken 65 Weapons.
  • Updated EE Top 10 Players Award and Top 10 Players of the Month Award to contain Ultramarine Sublime Safety Stone.
  • Updated Elysian Golden Giftbox and Elysian Silver Giftbox to contain Halcyon Stones rather than formulas.
  • Increased Arena HP to match Territory War HP.
  • Updated the EXP in the Book Quests in Searing Valley, Sunrise Plains and Devastation Realm.
  • Updated Recommended Events buffs to be granted as a consumable item.
  • Updated Recommended Events to always have the Courageous Vigor buff available.
  • Departure Crystal now only requires 1 Fame in Andrew Mining.
  • Memory Tome and Heroic Trait Transformation Tome can now be stacked x999.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Tool Tip for Class Stress.
  • Fixed the Description for Gem Pouch.
  • Updated the Captcha Dialog Text.
  • Fixed Guild Manager Heldin text issue.
  • Fixed the placement of the Vendetta Upgrade Stone in the Auction House.
  • Fixed a typo on the Formula:Recovery Lv7 formula.
  • Updated the Icon for the 200 Eternal Coins.


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