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Added Elika

We have added from our Awaken Server the new and improved <Blueprint Seller> Elika NPC to Aven.


For those who do not or have not played our Awaken server Elika is an NPC that sells Guild Town NPC's for a fair price.

She sells many different merchants that are in most cases all levels are combind into a single NPC for the crafters convience.

She also sells Famous Forger's, Master Craftsman and Master Alchemist!


  • Weapons are:
    • Level 1-50
    • Level 55-65
    • Level 70-90
    • All Levels
  • Armors are:
    • Level 23-33
    • Level 43-48
    • Level 53-58
    • Level 60-63
    • Level 68-73
    • Level 78-83
    • Level 88-90
  • Rings and Necklace are:
    • Level 20-30
    • Level 40-50
    • Level 55-65
    • Level 70-80
    • Level 85-90
  • Gems and Potions are:
    • Level 1-7
  • Enchants are:
    • Level 1-3
    • Level 4-6
    • Level 7-9
    • Level 10-12
  • Farm/Mine/Altar are:
    • Level 20-90
      • Level 20-40
      • Level 45-50
      • Level 55-60
      • Level 65-70
      • Level 75-80
      • Level 85-90

Note: I'm aware of the 90 crafts being included and this is simply because they're available in game and any future updates wont require me to fiddle or potentially miss these NPC's.


Mystery Boxes

We have made some changes regarding our Mystery Boxes.

We will now have Star Stone Mystery Boxes and Luna Rock Mystery Boxes on a permenant basis in the Itemmall. We will be rotating these boxes every first maintenance of the month.

To start the rotation we're releasing the following:

  • Galaxy Star Stone Mystery Box
  • Zodiac Star Stone Mystery Box
  • Reaper Luna Rock Mystery Box (New)
  • Star Luna Rock Mystery Box (New)

We have also changed the common item pool for our Mystery Boxes and replaced Safety Stones and Lucky Safety Stones with Viridian Lucky Safety Stones, Ultramarine Lucky Safety Stones and Coral Lucky Safety Stones.

Note: You can now convert these specific Lucky Safety Stones to Halcyon Safety Stones.

Additionally we have updated the rates improving the chances of getting the bonus items especially in cases where there is a bigger bonus item pool. We have also lowered some of the bigger ones guaranteed chance to help you unlucky people out even more!

We will be having the following Mystery Boxes on rotation this month:

  • Recoloured Celestial Princess Wand Mystery Box (New)
  • Astral Wing Mystery Box (New)
    Note: Was on Diamond Altar a long time ago!
  • Blushy Ghost Blade Ren Mystery Box
  • Tiger Cub Haku Mystery Box
  • Ethereal Vow Novija Mystery Box
  • Sivia Mystery Box
  • Cupid's Bow Mystery Box
  • Pink Wing Spear Mystery Box
  • Shining Wing Bow Mystery Box
  • Hello Kitty: Kimono Mystery Box
  • Hello Kitty: English Mystery Box
  • Hello Kitty: Kiki & Lala's Mystery Box
  • Hello Kitty: Sweatheart Shield Mystery Box
  • Hello Kitty: Golden Shield Mystery Box
  • Hello Kitty: Sporty Ride Mystery Box
  • Hello Kitty: Royal Ride Mystery Box

These boxes will be available until March 3rd 2022.


Path of Destiny

We've added a new spot to farm Path of Destiny easier in Sunrise Plains (X:371, Y:173).




  • We have updated the game loading video!
    • Note: We may make a Classic specific one in future!
  • Updated the Lucky Safety Stone conversion from 2:1 to 5:1 to match the upgrade formulas of the past. This is to go hand in hand with our Mystery Box changes as we feel like players have had plenty of time to convert their existing stones.
  • Replaced Gathering Aid on the Monday - Wednesday Altar rotation with a Downgrade Scroll (1-Lvl) as a permenant change.
  • Fixed a typo on the Dual Arrow Shot II & Multiple Curse II certificate.
  • Updated the location hint in the archive for the new Adventure Realm items.


😬 Smile! 😬

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