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Would it be possible to stack dungeon boss items into the Arcane Box to dismantle for coins? I don't believe this will do anything to disrupt the game play other than make it easier to not have to spend too much time dismantling every single boss items which is a little sacrifice and makes it more fun to farm dgns and/or assist low lvl players...

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I agree with you. It really sucks to dismantle items in this game and I know it can be complicated to change how this system works, every item is tied to its own list or something like that. But it would be AMAZING to dismantle items in large quantities.  

Also, how this system works today, it seems it didn't really want us to use it. Look the amount of CLICKS we need to do just to make a single dismantled  :


Open the Backpack ( CLICK/ Shortcut) (optional)

every time WE need the Arcane box to be opened CLICK and confirmed the message CLICK

to choose the dismantle tab CLICK



1. to select an item CLICK                             

2. select the list (ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE) CLICK 

3. and Dismantle button CLICK 



+ 3 CLICKS every  single time we need to do it again. and If you close the Arcane Box, repete it all ONCE MORE.

3~4 CLICKS ( 4  if you dont use the shortcut to the backpack)  + 3 for every item.

Now considering  every DGN daily  from Limenston till Wetlands (9 DGN) and at least 3 items for each run.  ( without backpack click since it has a shortcut)

"Positive Results" ( you will do all 9 dgn and save all items to be dismantle all once (you have backpack space)

3+ ( 9 x 3) = 30 CLICKS

REALITY ( you will dismantle items every time you finished a DGN) NO backpack space

3 + 3 = 6 x 9 OR (3 x 9) + (9 x 3)


WEEKLY (7) = 378 CLICKS 

MONTHLY (30) = 1.620 CLICKS 

YEARLY (365) = 19.710 CLICKS

just doing 9 DGNs... 3 items 1 run each 

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