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Treasure Hunt [Classic]


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Dear Eden Eternal Vendetta player!

Today we are meeting for an Event quite different from usual, this is a Treasure Hunt, you will have to face several challenges/questions and finish this with the best score you can!

Click here and let's go!

The event will end on June 9th!

🏆 Rewards💎

10 Eden Crystal
       🥇 1st place:
- 18+ pts = 3 Event Point

       🥈 2nd place:
- 14+ pts = 2 Event Point

       🥉 3rd place:
- 10+ pts = 1 Event Point


Things to keep in mind:

   - Winning the Event points will give you the 10 Eden Crystal entries.
   - You can only participate once, and you will not be able to modify your answers once they are sent.

Good luck to everyone !

   ~Your Vendetta Team.

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