In-Game Rules

It is your responsibility as a player to know and read these rules. Failure to follow these rules can result in some form of punishment. Continuing to break the following rules will increase the length of the listed bans. These rules can be changed at any time and a post will be made noting the changes.

It's up to the staff regarding punishments. Punishments listed below may not be exactly what you'll receive and may be shorter or longer based on the offence. This post is merely a guideline.

  Bans can be appealed through the "Support" section of the website.   Hacking/Bug Exploitation/Advertising/Fake Links

  Usage of a third party program or playing the game in a way that's not intended Client modification/reverse engineering the client Promoting the use of a hacking program Advertising/Promoting another server Promoting the use of a fake/knock-off VGN website (Be smart people!)
1st Offense: Permanent ban


This includes but is not limited to: Vulgar and/or sexual remarks Personal attacks based on: their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethics, sexual preference and personal beliefs. Usage of a different language in order harass to try and avoid punishment Harassing in tickets, forums or in-game about a subject that does not involve you (e.g bans) Harassment and/or disrespect of staff - this also includes hunting the GS specifically in arena over a mute you/friend received.
1st Offense: 1 day ban/mute or a warning depending on severity. Continued actions will result in longer mutes or bans


Account Sharing/Item Trading

If you share your account with another person, you lose all support privileges for that account. If you get scammed, then we at VGN cannot help you get anything that was lost back.

This goes for item trading as well. When trading/bartering another player, all are considered final. If you lose an item to a trade scam between another player, those items will not be recovered.

Friendly reminder: Never "lend" an item to someone. Never give an item to someone so they may "try it on". Never give your password or account access to someone offering to buy you VGN. ALWAYS check the item tool-tip before accepting any trades Some items may look very similar! Make sure that you are receiving the correct item before you confirm the trade.

Keep your account safe from those who would wish to do it harm!

Unauthorized Transactions

  Buy or selling in-game money, items or accounts for real money Trading accounts, items, or money for real money Trading accounts, items, or money for other game currency or items
1st Offense: Permanent ban for all parties involved


1st Offense: Permanent Ban
*Permanent Ban till the issue is resolved.


Inappropriate Names

  Any obscene, sexual or racist names Impersonation of staff
1st Offense: Forced name change and a ban till if the name is deemed inappropriate. You will have to provide the VGN needed for a name change. If you cannot, your account will remain banned till you can.       English ONLY in General and Speaker

  English Only in General Chat English Only in Speaker Chat
1st Offense: Mute by Support Member
2nd Offense: Additional Mute by Support Member
3rd Offense: You will be banned for 3 days. This rule is a new rule we've inserted due to the nature of certain people ruining the environment for all. We are an English ran server and we must be able to police the game accordingly. We respect your native language and you are allowed to use it within Family, Party and PM's but we insist you keep any public chats in English so the game can be moderated accordingly.       Alt Account Abuse

  Abusing the Fame System by killing alts. Abusing the Commend System by having your alts Commend you.
1st Offense: Fame, Gold or Commend will be set to 0 as a warning.
2nd Offense: Permanent ban to all accounts involved. Because this has gone on for a while now we've had to step up our act before it's too late. Gold in game is being generated way too fast because of this kind of abuse as well as the Fame System now useless due to the fact people can't play fair. Commend System being the same and it's stupid we have to take such actions!       Trading Kills or Commends

  Abusing the Fame System or Commend System by working with a friend or someone else by allowing them to Commend or Kill your characters. 1st Offense: Fame or Commend will be set to 0 as a warning.
2nd Offense: Permanent ban to all accounts involved. We're aware people will get "smart" and try workarounds but if we catch you it will be your own fault!
        Raid Alt Abuse

  Abusing the raid system and bypassing the alt abuse checks. 1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: 7 Day penalty
3rd Offense: Permanent Ban We're aware people will get "smart" and try workarounds but if we catch you it will be your own fault!