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Patch v41


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Archive Update

In the release of the latest Awaken patch we have updated the Archive to add a ton of new features. We are also bringing these features to the Classic server as we overall think that these features make the Archive better in every way!


We decided rather than crowd the top of the archive more to add new features we have added a filters sidebar to the right of the Archive. This also allowed us to expand the amount of rows visiable at any given moment. The new sidebar has the following updates:

  • The checkboxes have been update to have a more accurate description.
  • Added the ability to filter items based on the grade colour.
  • You can now filter the search results based on the Item Level.
  • And finally, you will be happy to hear that we have now improved the Archive Search box to now be no longer case sensitive! You want to find a dragon? type dRAGON 😁


Level 80 Trials

Based on feedback we have implemented a buff to assist players in completing the level 80 Trials.

Please provide me with feedback on how well the buff assists you guys!


Daily Login Bonus

There will be a daily login bonus active for the next 3 weeks and will close July 14th 2022.



Altar Update

Following a recent update on the Awaken server we have implemented a similar system where rather than getting gathering tools of a specific level you will recieve a token than you can exchange for a gathering tool of any level.

This change has been applied to both the Crystal Altar and the Gem Altar!


Guild vs Guild Map Update

We provided an update to the Awaken server custom maps to improve the visual quality.

We have also provided this update to the Guild vs Guild map as this is imported from Aura Kingdom.



Territory War Schedule Update

We have updated the Territory War on weekdays as requested to 1 hour earlier.

Territory War on weekdays will now open at 4pm Server Time.


Client Upgrades

Some of you might wonder why we had such a big asset patch when we've had bigger patches in the past that have been a quarter of the size. So I'm going to try my best to explain things without going too technical.

We had a number of duplicate assets and unused assets in the game left over from previous versions of content. These files may have only been small but after a while they start to add up, this goes for the base game files too so I have removed a lot of the duplicate assets which you may notice the game is now around 500MB smaller even though you just had a huge asset patch including new maps and monster.

We have also optimized custom content to include features the game didn't originally support, which reduces the amount of assets being loaded at any given moment.

As Classic does not have as much custom content as the Awaken the benefits to this patch are more limited.


Guild Town Improvements

We have done the following updates:

  • Increased Mine and Farm durability to 400.
  • Increased Altar, Foundry, Alchemy Lab and Magic Pool durability to 300.


Have a pleasant day!

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