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Dear Community,

Here i will post all content of the forum that you can look up. You don't need to search anything, you can just take a look here and you will find all information that is important for you. 


Rules and Regulations


Team/Report related


General Information & FAQ


Equipment Guides & FAQ


SP Card Guides


TS/Quest Guides/Events






Class Guide






Updated on 23.01.2019
If you think that some thread is missing, you can leave it in my DM
Sincerely: @ChavezSempai

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Omg this is such a wonderful list. Yesterday I was thinking about something similar, how to group in one post all the guides, so people can find them easily. You rocked, good job. +1

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Good Job.

Was locked but unlocked due to when locked you cant edit something.

Sorry and keep adding em <3

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On 8/11/2018 at 9:29 AM, HenryNewhero said:

Hi new player here, I want to understand the advantage to play this private server and the Official because I didn't play the Official and couldn't see the differences so can you explain me?

Many differences ; 
x20 EXP rate
x5 Gold rate
Custom item drop (it has much higher chance to drop items than official)

You can finally experience end game without spending 5838538 hours grinding experience and gold. You can get entirely everything and be the best in the game aslong as you put in the hours to farm. It's almost completely F2P.

There are also custom content and changes added to the game such as trophies, which can be obtained from raidboxes. They grant your character certain advantages and then once you collect all 13, you can trade it for a major trophy which has even stronger stats!

I'll leave the rest for you to discover if you decide to join.

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