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Patch v43


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Tomb of the Ancients


Tomb of the Ancients is a dungeon located in Hayward Seavale!

The dungeon is a 5-player experience that can be ran once a day!



Guld Relics


The main objective of this dungeon it to provide guilds with permenant Guild Town Relic Blessings!

These blessings we took the good aspects from our Awaken Server and made them suitable for classic!

Just like our Awaken Server there is no RNG involved in obtaining the guild statues of choice. To obtain the guild statues you must collect Ancient Fire Stone's from the dungeon and exchange them with <Dark Wizard> Galus for blue grade statues.

You can then fuse two different blue grade statues together to create a golden grade statue that takes two different stats from each of the blue grade statues.
Note: You can see all the fused statue results in the Details Panel in the Exchange Window.




To collect rewards you must kill the last boss within the dungeon.

You will recieve your reward via the Mail.


Misc. Notes

This content is designed as a complete replacement for the Chess Dungeon.

This descision was made because the Chess Dungeon has never really provided any value to the game other than being a source for Guild Statues. We thought that it would be better to create a small dungeon designed for 3-5 players to complete as a daily dungeon for players to earn guild statues.

This does mean the Chess Dungeon will never be released as there is no purpose for it anymore as this new dungeon eliminates any reason to have this dungeon in the first place.


Awaken Armor


The level 80 Awaken Armor has been released!

To purchase the quest books speak to Librarian Conan in Aven!

The text has been updated for this content in a previous update.


Original Faces


Once again I bring you more character customization options!

I have added back the original faces for Human's and Halfkin's as additional customization options!
Note: They have also been updated to support the Dual Coloured Eyes added in Patch V42.

Available via Makeover Cosmetics Set and the Character Creation Menu!


Damage Styles


To extend the damage visual styles added in Patch v97 we have added 2 more damage styles to the game from the games Glory Destiny Online and Legendary Heroes!

To update the damage visual head to the UI Settings tab in the Settings window!



We have added some new Hairdo and Pet Mystery Boxes available till August 25th 2022!





Have a nice day!

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