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Hello everyone!


We are now opening up Game Sage applications for NosTale!

 What does a Game Sage do?


A game sage is responsible for handling a majority of in-game questions and problems. 

A game sage is meant to be the helping hand in-game. They are the first people players will go to with questions and concerns

A game sage helps and assist the GMs in testing patches and plan patches

A game sage is responsible for hosting and holding events for their selected game.

A game sage may be asked to do other work for their game that's not listed here.


 What can a Game Sage not do?
(This list is not all inclusive)


A game sage has no access to tickets or account information. Any problem regarding account information should be placed in a ticket for GM assistance only.

A game sage CANNOT spawn in items or monsters themselves. Any item they have for events were given to them by a GM

A game sage cannot use commands whenever they please. Abuse of commands can result in being removed.


 What do I need to apply to be a game sage?


Anyone can apply to be a game sage but there are a few requirements.


You MUST be fluent in English.

You have to be over the age of 16 to apply.

You must not have been permanently banned on any account.

Fill out the application listed below. If you make it to the interview portion of the application, you'll be added on Skype for the last part of the interview.


Applications can be found here: CLOSED


Application will be available until end of next week (friday 19th may 2017).


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Applications are now closed.

I will be announcing the new staff either in the next few hours or tomorrow morning.

There seems to be quite a few applications so good luck to everyone!

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Staff have been decided. Please welcome the following players to our NosTale GS Team!


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