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Halloween Screenshot Event


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  • VGN GM


Halloween has touched down on our spooky little cities, and we'd like you to document it!


Take a screenshot of anything you deem spooky enough for Halloween for a chance to win some prizes!




Like with all events, there are some rules you must follow:

  • Submit your in-game name with your image submission
  • Images may not be edited or modified
  • No 18+ content
  • Images must be taken in Eden Eternal Vendetta
  • No content that would break our in-game or forum rules
  • Only 1 submission is allowed per person
  • Any post not related to this event will be hidden
  • Send your submissions to this forum thread



Winners will be selected by myself and staff, but you can help vote for your favorite by liking screenshots!

While likes will not outright decide the winner, it may help us decide and break ties!


Winners will receive the following items:

1st place: 1 Costume and 1 Back Item of your choice  & 5000 VGN

2nd Place: 1 Back Item of your choice & 4000 VGN

3rd Place: 2500 VGN & 2 Event points

4th Place:1000 VGN & 2 Event Points

5th Place: 2 Event Points


Due to the open nature of these rewards, there are certain ones we may deny as prizes, such as limited edition items, old event rewards, unreleased items, in-game rewards and other items of that nature.

The winners will be selected on November 10th, and prizes will be sent out shortly after.


Happy Halloween!

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