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Eden Eternal Classic Updates


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  • VGN GM


Hey everyone!

We have reached a bit of a crossroad with our Classic server so we're bringing up the question to our community of what to do next.


The Classic playerbase has been unstable a few months after its launch. Up until last year this was fine as there was still enough players actively playing the game. However, there has been a significant decline in active players which has resulted in updates being made to band-aid the problem of parties not having enough players to complete the content.

With the next scheduled patch it is just not possible to band-aid the problem and it would require a lot of time from myself to make the necessary changes to make the content not only completable but also make the content worth completing (as the new gear is mostly focused around Awaken Classes).


The staff at VGN have discussed in length of what we can do and what directions we can take with the Classic server and there is only really two options available.


The First Option

Reset the server to an earlier piece of content, clear the database and start from scratch.

With this option, we would keep a lot of the changes that have been made over the last couple of years to the Classic server.

Some of the main changes include but are not limited to:

  • Halcyon Type Safety Stones on altar.
  • Class Drops and Auto Loot.
  • Shaman class rework.
  • Vendetta Starter Equipment.
  • Class Drop Class Medals in 0/2 and 0/10 Dungeons.
  • Character Customization Upgrades.

If this option is considered, we will be leaving suggestions open during it's development process prior to releasing. This will allow those who want to pose a suggestion prior to it's release to have that option and allow for feedback on previous/existing/future suggestions.

For this option to be considered, we would require a significant amount of interest. If there is not enough interest in a remake of Eden Classic, then we cannot justify taking the development time away from Awakened to satisfy only a handful of people. If you truly are interested in this and would want to play a server like this, starting from the beginning for that classic feel, then please make that interest known.


The Second Option

Unfortunately, the only other option would be to close the server down. As mentioned before, its not fair on the Awakened server to split development time between the 2 when Classic only has 5-10 players active in it.

We cannot say for certain if the idea of a Classic server would ever be revisited, but if this option is selected, the chances would be quite slim.


We would like to hear your opinions and ideas on the matter and we are grateful for your continued support over the years.

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Option 1.

But I think people got bad feelings about VGN because of how the classic server was at the begin.Even after the changes, people just didnt wanted to come back. I tried to come back because I think this was one of the most fun and well made servers, but everytime that was very few people player and that was a turn off for me.

It was a good and fun server to play tho.

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  • VGN GM

It's a fair analysis that in some areas we dropped the ball when it comes to the Classic version we provided everyone. I think in general though it should also speak for itself the fact we're closing in on 3 years since launch. We're not wanting to be one of those servers which just give everything for nothing and we end up with an influx of players for a short period of time. Longevity should always be considered when making decisions and the decisions we made initially we felt protected the reason to continue playing and assist in developing an economy worth being involved in.

The reason we're even considering Option 1 is to just give the community a fighting chance for those still interested in playing Classic before you all experience the monetization X-Legend will produce that will make our initial launch appear very appealing all of a sudden.

That being said we owe it to our playerbase to give this another go should it be something you all want.

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Option 2.

Honestly, it doesn't really seem worthwhile to pursue a continuation of the classic server considering all it would accomplish is to temporarily appease the few that are interested in playing for nostalgia

Sure, it might cause a spike in activity, but that's not a guarantee it will stay relevant and active. chances are, over several months it will end up in the exact same position once the hype has worn off.

Awakened has the vast majority of players with the most people invested and interested in future updates. it doesn't seem worth it to put more resources into classic when those resources could be reallocated to the server most people play.

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Option 2 is the only realistic solution tbh, at least at this point in time. NOBODY will go through leveling Guild Towns, farming Achievements and all that jazz right now on a potential 50-man-server.

As i told you many many many times before, close it down, focus on Awa-Server.

While Bash's answer simply just reads like a typical Bash answer(WE'RE BETTER YOU'LL SEE!!1111!11!!) i do agree with @Kibo that looking at it AFTER the X-Legend-Launch may be a good idea, depending on how well that will go. 

Also what @Loonatiksays is very true too. I looked at the server for a few days again too after most of the "saving" changes were done but damage done was just too high already. Understandable tho since you really mostly never heard people talking about this server in specific but about Jordan, Management and VGN overall. I'd say a re-opening after a while has passed would have a WAY bigger impact than doing it now. 

Obviously you will have to put all the current systems into place AND make guild leveling basically free/insanely easy. You simply can't afford to have a 1000%-drama again in 2k23. People will just quit if they have to spend thousands of gold and tons of hours on either leveling their guilds or paying the loser-tax for not doing it themselves. 






P.S. bring back %-TW, take the chance you didn't take the first time. You know it, we know it, everybody knows it :D 

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Option 2

Just close it. Focus on Awaken. If people rlly rlly want classic, well x-legend it will be then. 😐

If you keep Classic, it will just live for a while then it will die again. And it will stay like that until you realize once again and re-ask again what Solution would be best. Having a server up with just very few ppl, doesn't seem that worth it tbh.

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