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Patch v3

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Bash    1,229

 - We've enabled the Summer Event!

System Changes:
 - Added several checks server side in an attempt to prevent alt abuse in certain areas of the game.


Should not be able to kill alts for fame now (FC Only).
Should not be able to give Commend's to alt characters.
If a Timespace is done with a party then the gold reward is set to 0.
NOTE: You can only obtain gold if you do the Timespace solo. You will still receive the items and other rewards just not the gold if you're with a party.

 - If you leave a party whilst inside Timespace it will kick you out.
 - If you exit the game whilst in Timespace it will kick you out.

New rule change added:
We understand people will find workarounds so we've decided to implement some rules towards this as alt abuse is getting beyond our control and we need to begin controlling it before the game is ruined.

 - Increased the maximum amount of items a map will allow before deleting items by 400%.
 - You can no longer join minilands in FC.
 - Added a check for the location when teleporting to any map, raid or anywhere to check if that location can be walked on.
NOTE: Should counter a lot of teleport bugs people are abusing.

 - Added a check to the game that does not reward people Fame when killing someone with their pet (FC Only).

 - We've decided to reset Fame as so:


Players with fame > 400,000 have been set to 400,000.
Players with fame > 300,000 have been set to 300,000.
Players with fame > 200,000 have been set to 200,000.
Players with fame > 100,000 have been set to 100,000.
Players with fame < 100,000 have been set to 0.

We understand this is going to upset you guys but we cannot keep seeing people increase by 20m fame in 1 day and do nothing about it. Before people say "well punish those doing it" that's why this action is done because everyone was doing it.

This will be the only time we wipe Fame. Our new rules and system in place will reset those abusing it and possibly ban them if they continue.

With the rate being x10 it won't take you guys long to reclaim the Fame anyways but at least we will know it's somewhat cleaner now.

 - Everyone's commend in game has been set to 0.
 - Fame Rank has been wiped.

General Changes:
 - Removed Easter props from Nosville.

 - Legendary Hunter has been added to Port Alveus.
This NPC will have various Daily Quests that reward parchments, exp and other items upon completion. These quests are available for players level 88+


 - Some of the new daily quests obtained from Legendary Hunter have had extra rewards added as so:



Kertos Raid
Earth Crystal x1

Valakus Raid
Earth Crystal x1

Laurena Raid
Element of Balance x5 instead of Element of Balance x2


 - Added x2 custom daily quests to Legendary Hunter.



Dominating Kertos
Defeat Kertos raid x40 times (Prize: Kertos' Boots).

Dominating Valakus
Defeat Valakus raid x40 times (Prize: Valakus' Gloves).


NOTE: Some of the daily quests do show that they only give experience as a reward but if you complete it you will see the extra rewards. We're aware of the visual bug and it will be fixed.

 - Modified Ibrahim's Bag contents to the following:


Shiny Sky Blue Gemstone x5
Robber Gang Silver Coin x5
Ibrahim's Golden Key x1

 - Treasure Chest of Oblivion should now give 100% chance of obtaining Mysterious Relict.
NOTE: You will still obtain either Violet or Sky Blue Gemstone.

 - Mysterious Relict will now only give one of the following items:


Commander's Robe
Commander's Leather Armour
Commander's Heavy Armour
Great Leader's Magic Weapon
Great Leader's Knife
Great Leader's Crossbow
Great Leader's Magic Wand
Great Leader's Recurve Bow
Great Leader's Cut Sword

 - John the Adventurer daily quests will now give x1 Kertos' Raid Seal.
 - Fire Alchemist daily quests will now give x1 Valakus' Raid Seal.
 - Added the following items to Bash NPC in game:


Champion Blessing Amulet (Random)
Champion Blessing Amulet

NosMall Changes:
 - Added Champion Blessing Amulet.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed a bug causing FC to crash.
 - Fixed a bug causing people to lose % of their exp (or even de-level) if their level > than the quest level and the reward is based off % based exp reward.
 - Fixed GM and GS PM issue.
 - Fixed Dash and Teleport skills going into locations they aren't supposed to.
 - Fixed Channel List font color bug.

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