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Patch v4

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Bash    1,229

General Changes:
 - Added Earth Crystal x1 additional reward for completing the Vanquishing Grenigas (Daily) quest.
 - New in-game Mystery Box system added to Bash NPC in Nosville.
For 300,000 gold per turn you can win one of the following items:


Movement Scroll (Event) x5
Speaker x20
Fountain Fireworks (Blue) x10
Fountain Fireworks (Yellow) x10
Heart Fireworks (Blue) x10
Heart Fireworks (Red) x10
Amulet for increasing Attack power x5

Potion of Dignity
Special Pet Food
Wing of angel x5
[VGN]Huge Recovery Potion x50
Medium Special Recharger
High-Quality Medal of Honour x1
Small Ruby of Completion
Small Sapphire of Completion
Small Obsidian of Completion
Small Topaz of Completion
Ruby of Completion
Sapphire of Completion
Obsidian of Completion
Topaz of Completion

Wing of angel x20
Point Initialisation Potion (Event)
Excellent Medal of Honour x1
Lv. 8 Cellon x3

Oto-Fox Costume Set
Rudi Rowdy
Ninja Bushtail

NOTE: Items will change from time to time but will not be on a rotation schedule they will just change as time goes on.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed several exploits in game involving packet abuse.
 - Dominating Kertos and Valakus quests can now be completed.
 - Fixed Bunny Hairband 20% gold not working.
 - Fixed Illusionist's Top Hat 20% gold not working.

Known Issues:
 - We're aware of the bug for the new daily quests conflicting each other. We've not found a workaround yet sorry!
 - We're also aware of the bug in the Lola Lopears raid.

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