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This is becoming a common trend in tickets and is getting quite annoying. So I would like to address a few things that Nostale players should keep in mind when submitting a ticket to assure your ticket is done in a timely manner. Failure to follow some of these steps will delay your ticket or cause it to be automatically closed.



Mission Items

We do not resend out any of the mission/quest items should you lose them.

The fact that we get almost 30+ tickets a day about this matter is what caused us to stop offering a service like this. Be careful with your item, because if you lose it, you'll have to restart the quest/mission.



Harassment Towards Staff

For some reason, people think that trying to curse us out or sitting talking bad about us in a ticket is going to get any better of a response. A ticket like this will be instantly closed, ignored, and depending on the severity of how far you want to go, risk having your account banned, so just avoid doing it.



Reporting Someone Speaking Another Language

This has already been mentioned once, but we do not accept tickets about this. Please contact an online GS.



Putting in Multiple Tickets , Spamming Replies on Tickets, or Opening and Closing Multiple Tickets to "Get Our Attention".

This will not get your ticket answered any faster. In fact, reply spammers and those who spam tickets have their tickets saved for last and are not completed as fast as they would've been if you had just been patient.



I Cannot Log in Game, but I Can Log in the Website.

Follow the instructions when you fail logging in. Use lowercase username. I'm not sure why this ticket is still such a common occurrence when it says to do this directly on the client.



Also, please note, tickets are not completed over the weekend. The chances of you getting an answer Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday are slim to none, so please do not spam forums or the GS's when asking about your ticket.


This list is not all inclusive, but keep this one thought in mind, ask your self when placing in a ticket, "Have I checked the forums first?" and "Is this something a GS can help with, or another player?" 9/10 times you can receive a faster answer to a non-account related issue if you post it on the forums or ask a GS for assistance.


And finally, I'm sure some of you are asking yourself, "What can I do to help keep tickets down?" Aside from using the forums as a place to ask for non-account related help, you can close your ticket if your issue has been solved!

Closing your ticket before the issue is addressed or after it has been fixed means it's taken out of our inbox and out of the list of tickets that need to be done. If we have to go through 100+ tickets that the person has already solved just delays the time it takes for us to get to those tickets that still need help.


Any ticket that has not received a user reply will be closed after 1 week. If your ticket has been closed and you do not think it is completed, RESPOND BACK TO THAT TICKET! Even though the ticket is closed, unless it's been forced closed, you can always reply back to it.

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