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Grand PvP Tournée

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Dear, Rg and Fk players. after a long wait We(Scorpion,extinct) have finally found the best way to host an PvP event as to it being fair and not too hard. This will be a first PvP event, in other words we wil limit it to what we can handle at this moment. If the event goes well we can host many more.

The PvP event would be held starting from 19 august( after, al kasava time) until about 25 august the event can ofcourse take longer depending on schedules of players and Gamesages.

The PvP event will be in a tournament format, with teams(5Rg vs 5Fk teams) competing for the headprize(25 points splitted among the team members).

The rules are quite simple.

  • Limit class of 2
  • No napalms, mother miracles, or cyberclusters
  • Only lvl 59 are allowed (for this event, later events more brackets will be there)
  • You must have a team name.
  • Team leaders on discord/skype
  • Players can surrender or substitute teams
  • Minimal 6 teams, else the tournament gets canceled.
  • The duels will be best out of the 3, the final will be best out of 5 

Since this Event works with teams, we would like you too register using this link(only the teamleader has to register(the team))

Register Here (you can register until 17 august)


Event will be streamed by Extinct


Ps there will be a forum post at general discussion for questions.

Pss you can now also join as a freewarrior, then just place in the registering your class and faction and name and then you will be placed into a team (drafted)

Good luck arkana on the battleground.

From your Lovely Gs'es Scorpion and Extinct.

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Event has been canceled due to the lack of interest. We will try to rehost it on a later date, when there is more interest.

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