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Regarding Staff and Tester Harassment

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Vivi    539

This is quite a disappointment that I even have to make this announcement, but it has gotten to the point where it's becoming more of a problem each day.


I'm getting massive amounts of reports of people trying to conspire against the testers in order to get them in trouble and kicked off the server. Whether this is out of jealousy or the fact that they themselves were denied from the test server stands to question. Honestly, I have had enough of hearing about it and would like it to finally end. 

The testers that are currently testing the patch were past testers that were invited by their GS friends or approved by myself. We no longer accept random people to be invited by the GS's because of the past incidents of people blatantly taking screenshots of the patch information and spreading it around before the patch was released.

Those who are on it now have shown that they are both useful to the testing environment and can also keep quiet about what the entirety of the patch is (aside from already given information).


I've also been hearing, though this baffles me too, that people think it's unfair that some get to see the patch prior to it being released. The staff, and those who were chosen to stick around and help test, are needed to test a patch of this magnitude.

Would you rather a buggy patch be released that could possibly damage the server/economy/game-play? I'm honestly not sure why this is even a worry anyway. You cannot expect Jordan to make and test a patch of this magnitude single-handedly. So this whole, "Oh they get to see it first, so unfair," far-fetched mentality should be left at the door.  Patch testing is also part of a GS's job.


It's quite a shame that it has even gotten to this point, but I will be banning those who continue to attempt in harassing the testers and bait them into getting in trouble. It's sad, it honestly is, that there always have to be those few who either hate the people so much or are so jealous of them that they'll do whatever they can to attempt to get them in trouble, even if that means trying to bait them into saying information that is already given/or was publicly told and claim it was leaked information. 


I'm tired guys, mentally and emotionally tired of having to deal with this day in and day out. Screenshot after screenshot of people actually saying, "I'm trying to get 'insert name here' kicked off the test server" or "I'm trying to get 'insert name here' fired".  


The fact that some of you are even trying to get JORDAN, YOUR DEVELOPER, "fired" is an absolute disgrace. Do you really hate the game that much that'd you'd like to see development come to a complete halt? Honestly, to be as lucky to have someone like Jordan working on Eden only to have some of you attempt to get him fired is just appalling. If it wasn't for him taking the lead, you probably wouldn't have the classes and things you have now. Jordan took the spearhead and went through, guiding/suggesting to Bash how to do the patch before learning and taking it on himself. 


Its easy to speculate that some may have this hellbent hatred towards Jordan or the other staff because they themselves were not hired. Honestly, if you applied and are now one of these problem people, ask yourself this 1 question: Why would I hire someone who acts like this towards others when they don't get their way?

The only person who hires staff and who gets the final say in who is hired is me, myself and I. The last batch of supports that were hired for Eden were completely unknown to the other supports and Jordan, and were ones I chose myself.


I'm sick and tired of these petty jealousy games and will be taking complete actions on those who wish to continue to try and play them. I'm done with it guys, so consider this your only warning. I'll be issuing out bans from now on. 

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