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Calling it a Day

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Hey Guys,

I bring sad news to you all. We as a team have decided to call it a day with Twin Saga. It's been a great year but sadly the game has not lived up to it's hype. Official developers have failed to make the game any better this is why official isn't a success either. Not only that but we're in a crossroad where we've been paying the bills ourselves for the last 6 months (we normally have a 3 month rule and then the game is gone). A very low playerbase of around 10-20 max and this new bug that has turned up (I've spent the last 5 days trying to fix it) it's just not worth it anymore.

It's been on my mind for a couple months now but I've thought about just leaving it on and allowing Jordan to resurrect it but will it really? The new content is a couple dungeons that you guys will complete in 1 day. The new events we don't have a community for (don't kid yourself people won't come) and cosmetics don't bring new players I am sorry but they don't.

I understand we didn't give our best here and it doesn't give a good impression but from the start of this launch we've been nothing but compared to a shadow because we didn't copy off our competitors and wanted to do our own thing. Because .to did it we must do it and if we didn't we lost players I tried my damn best for 4 months of the launch to make this game better listened to everyones opinion but just because we didn't do what .to did it wasn't interesting.

Sadly enough the same GF server everyone is calling shit, the same Dragomon server that people hated is ran by the same people but no we couldn't do our own thing because .to was better?

VGN Refund
We are going to return all VGN spent since the launch of the game so you can go and enjoy our other games with your friends. We'd love it if you would stay with us. Shutting down a game is not the greatest impression but remember we have games still thriving in our network for the efforts placed by us. Twin Saga was just not meant to be here with us.

What game to replace?
For now we're mulling over ideas I am going to talk about replacing the game with Grand Fantasia as Jordan is interested in working with this. Who knows but we will keep you notified once we are prepared to decide.

Again I am sorry about this.

We hope you understand.


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