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Patch v6

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General Changes:
 - Added several more in-game notices.
 - You can now only send 1 speaker every minute.
 - Added a filter for people abusing the chatbox with scam information.
 - Trading x5 Glacerus' Mane for x1 Sapphire of Completion with Felix Frost will now give x5 Sapphire of Completion.
 - Trading x5 Draco's Claw for x1 Ruby of Completion with Great Magician Kan will now give x5 Ruby of Completion.
 - Added a "Trade" option to Bash NPC in NosVille.


This option will have the following trades:
x5 Draco Claw for x5 Small Ruby of Completion
x5 Draco Claw for x5 Small Obsidian of Completion
x5 Draco Claw for x5 Obsidian of Completion
x5 Glacerus' Mane for x5 Small Sapphire of Completion
x5 Glacerus' Mane for x5 Small Topaz of Completion
x5 Glacerus' Mane for x5 Topaz of Completion

 - Removed Mystery Box option from Bash NPC in Nosville.
 - Added Mystery Box "Mimic" NPC in NosVille.
 - To help Counter Against Bots we have disabled gold drop for the following Monsters:


Angry Chicken
Small Red Jelly
Violent Seedle
Crazy Dander
Violent Chicken

 - The following items can now be sold at an NPC for higher amounts of gold:


Wing of angel (10,000 Gold)
Shining Green Soul (15,000 Gold)
Shining Red Soul (75,000 Gold)
Shining Blue Soul (200,000 Gold)
Magmaros' Glove (500,000 Gold)
Hot Lump of Metal (75,000 Gold)
Hot Wood (150,000 Gold)
Unscathed Diamond (75,000 Gold)
Broken Diamond (15,000 Gold)

We decided on this due to how common most of these items are to drop from Monsters. This can help promote players farming again within the game instead of relying on events and other means of acquiring gold.

 - You can now downgrade your Hero Equipment rarety from 8 to 7 at Teodor Topp to allow re-roll of equipment.


Go to Teodor Topp at NosVille.
Select the "Hero Equipment Downgrade" option.
You will be required to place the item you wish to downgrade in the first slot of your Inventory.
It will cost you 10,000,000 gold to process this request.
If your item is one of the following and is Rare 8 then it will be successful:


Sealed Heavy Heavenly Armour
Sealed Heavenly Robe
Sealed Heavenly Leather Armour
Sealed Hellord Heavy Armour
Sealed Hellord Robe
Sealed Hellord Leather Armour
Sealed Heavenly Crossbow
Sealed Heavenly Spell Gun
Sealed Heavenly Dagger
Sealed Heavenly Sword
Sealed Heavenly Staff
Sealed Heavenly Bow
Sealed Hellord Crossbow
Sealed Hellord Spell Gun
Sealed Hellord Dagger
Sealed Hellord Sword
Sealed Hellord Wand
Sealed Hellord Bow

NOTE: This action does not destroy your item it is a 100% success rate.
NOTE: This action does not remove the shell stat from your equipment.

NosMall Changes:
 - Added Self-Introduction to consumable section for 100 VGN each.
 - Added Pet Slot Expansion to Pet section for 300 VGN each.
 - Added Strange Pet Food to Pet section for 10 VGN each.
 - Added Super Hair Gel to Costume section for 150 VGN.
 - Added Super Hair Wax to Costume section for 150 VGN.
 - Added the following Hair Dyes to the Costume section for 250 VGN each:


Pink Hair Dye
Light Green Hair Dye
White Hair Dye
Light Blue Hair Dye
Black Hair Dye

 - Adjusted the prices of the following items:


Golden Equipment Protection Scroll from 500 -> 250.
Equipment Protection Scroll from 300 -> 150.
Lower SP Protection Scroll from 200 -> 80.
Higher SP Protection Scroll from 300 -> 140.
Mysterious Hair Dye from 150 -> 50.
Fairy Bead from 1500 -> 500.
All purchases of the following items within the last 30 days have had the difference refunded to them.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed several more exploits.
 - Optimized packet management to help with lag in game.
 - GS PM's from another channel should now be received by players.

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