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Patch v7

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 - Enabled the Halloween Event:

General Changes:
 - Added the following custom quests to Mary for Halloween:
NOTE: Character must be level 50+ to obtain quests.


Jack O'Lantern (Daily)
Defeat Jack O'Lantern raid x10 times and receive: Draco's Claw x10, Glacerus' Mane x 10.

Jack O'Lantern (Intermediate)
Defeat Jack O'Lantern raid x70 times and receive: Super Pumpkin Bushi.

Jack O'Lantern (Advanced)
Defeat Jack O'Lantern raid x300 times and receive: Horned Sweeper.

 - Super Pumpkin Bushi has been set to untradeable.
 - Super Pumpkin Bushi can not be returned to a bead.
 - Added the following items to the Jack O'Lantern Raid Box:


Weak big wing black ball bead
Super Pumpkin Bushi
Scary Pet Trainer (Event)

NOTE: These items are added additionally the box will drop the other items as well.
 - Draco and Glacerus raid will now force teleport your team when boss room is entered.
 - In-Game Mystery Box price has been increased to 500,000 gold each try.
 - In-Game Mystery Box items have been changed to the following:


Movement Scroll (Event) x5
Speaker x20
Fountain Fireworks (Blue) x10
Fountain Fireworks (Yellow) x10
Heart Fireworks (Blue) x10
Heart Fireworks (Red) x10
Amulet for increasing Attack power x5

Potion of Dignity
Special Pet Food
Wing of angel x5
[VGN]Huge Recovery Potion x50
Medium Special Recharger
High-Quality Medal of Honour x1
Glacerus' Mane x2
Draco's Claw x2

Wing of angel x20
Point Initialisation Potion (Event)
Excellent Medal of Honour x1
Lv. 8 Cellon x3

Fluffy Bally
Golden Wings
Illusionist's Costume Set (Permanent)

 - Reduced the gold price of Champion Blessing Amulet (Random) from 7,000,000 to 5,500,500.
 - Reduced the gold price of Champion Blessing Amulet from 6,000,000 to 3,000,500.

Nosmall Changes:
 - Following VGN prices have been reduced:


Blessing Amulet 900 -> 600
Champion Blessing Amulet (Random) 1,500 -> 1,000
Champion Blessing Amulet 800 -> 600
Golden Specialist Card Holder 2,000 -> 1,500
Specialist Partner Card Holder 2,000 -> 1,500
Fairy Experience Potion 350 -> 40

NOTE: All items purchased within the last 30 days have had the difference refunded.

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