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What's Next?

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Hey Guys,

I've been receiving questions lately about what's next for Nostale Vendetta. I can the frustration of never knowing what's going on behind the scenes but I assure you work is always being done we're always busy trying things out and playing with systems to get familiar with everything. So yea back to it I figured I'd give everyone some insight on what we're working on and our future plans for Nostale Vendetta.

6.2 Patch
The biggest question people have for us is when is this patch going to go live? We cannot say for sure but do know I have been working solid on this patch for the past 3 months now it's not an easy task and the development can take a while till we're happy with it.

I cannot say for sure when we will launch it but do not worry it is coming!

Next Patch?
Right now we've been working on QoL changes for the past few weeks. We have been discussing balance changes with certain SP's and also some new ideas such as a revamp of the upgrade system (no longer can you break your item), new custom raid, new custom amulet (achievements system alongside it) as well as many other ideas being thrown around and developed/tested.

As always suggestions can be made here:

I do like to encourage people to get active on our forums and suggest any ideas they think will improve the game. So if you have any ideas you think would go down nicely with our server please don't hesitate to air your opinion.


I hope this information comes as good news to everyone. We are working solid on progressing the server and we understand people want more things to do!


Thank you!

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