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Patch v10

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General Changes:
 - Slightly reduced item fixed rate when failing in upgrading.
 - Raised drop rate of Draco's Claw & Glacerus' Mane in Frozen Crown.
 - Frozen Crown will no longer reset both sides when one side is successful.
 - Raised drop rate of Shining Blue Soul in act 6.
 - Raised drop rate of new resistances slightly.
 - Useless and General items will no longer drop in act 6 maps (this is to help with the Fafnir bug).
NOTE: This does not mean items in act 6 will drop more. We've simply just removed the useless drops all rates will remain the same.

 - The following items now sell for 15kk each:


Sealed Heavenly Crossbow
Sealed Heavenly Spell Gun
Sealed Heavenly Dagger
Sealed Heavenly Sword
Sealed Heavenly Staff
Sealed Heavenly Bow
Sealed Heavy Heavenly Armour
Sealed Heavenly Robe
Sealed Heavenly Leather Armour
Sealed Hellord Heavy Armour
Sealed Hellord Robe
Sealed Hellord Leather Armour
Sealed Hellord Crossbow
Sealed Hellord Spell Gun
Sealed Hellord Dagger
Sealed Hellord Sword
Sealed Hellord Wand
Sealed Hellord Bow

 - The following items now sell for 700k each:


Earth Crystal
Crystal of Balance

 - You can no longer use any item inside Arena.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed bug where you could not place new resistances in NosBazaar.

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