Patch v11

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System Changes:
 - Removed previous event related items from the game.

Event Changes:
 - Winter Event has been enabled on the server:

 - Added custom quests for Winter Event (see thread above).
 - Added new pet "Fenrir" to the game.




 - Added new custom Christmas based items to the game:


VGN Christmas bowl (Event) (Recovers player and NosMate immediately by 1250 HP/MP)
VGN Santa's Coupon (Event) (Custom event item used to exchange for goods at Santa in NosVille)

 - Winter Themed Mystery Box added to Santa Claus in NosVille (Requires VGN Santa's Coupon per go).
 - NosVille is now winter themed!


General Changes:
 - Reduced drop rate of "Shining Blue Souls" in act6.
 - Revised the Betting Rates they are better now than previous change.
 - New Avenger's resistances can now be sold for 5kk gold.
 - You can now buy Strong HP Recovery Potion from Bash NPC in NosVille for 35k each.

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