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Recommended Hardware?

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As jordan has pointed out many times before, why isnt there simply a list of the recommended hardware and software to run EE as close to perfect as possible? I know a fair amount of people would be willing to dump some money into building a machine that specifically runs EE, or at the least buy a specific graphics card to reduce the amount of dumb crashes. 
A general lsit of the best hardware or software to use wouldnt really go amiss being added to an already existing sticky or something, along with maybe an explanation of why the otherwise outdated cards are the best for the game, because some people want the "why" more than the "what".

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It's quite hardware specific so you can't just give a rough spec list and say this and above etc. The best advice / list I could give though if you're serious enough to make your machine built for EE then simply put:

Windows 7 OS

graphics card drivers are card specific but if you have problems just keep back dating them till you get one that works best (as late as possible).

  • Example: I have a 1080 and works flawlessly on the latest drivers on windows 10. I also have a r9 380 which works flawlessly on windows 7 but has huge issues on windows 10.

4-8gb of ram atleast (can run on lower but yeh good luck)

processor (doesn't really matter, aslong as its good enough to run any older games, something like i3, i5, i7 am3 or ryzen).

SSD / fast mechanical drive (instance based game, lots of loading screens).

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Something about EE is that , even with the latest  hardware you will/might still experienced crashes. Yes of course it will help you experience less crashes and a smoother gameplay, but EE is an old game and is poorly optimized for latest hardware/software. Windows 10 has a lot of issues with EE, of many including the graphical bugs.

-My windows 7 laptop which did not have great hardware (i5 old gen, intel HD graphics 1.2GB, 3GB ram), i used that for almost 3 years since 2012 without any lag, afterwards it started to fail so i had a lot of issues until it just could not anymore.

-My 2nd laptop i got is an i3, intel HD graphics 2GB, 4 GB ram, with windows 10 ran EE at 30 fps without any lag, but without fx whether in pvp or pve, and i am guessing because it was a new laptop. You can check my videos on my channel on how things went from older videos to newest ones.

-My uncles desktop, which has an i3, GT 710 6GB, 8 GB ram with windows 10 runs EE at around 40-50 fps when i played on that.

-My lastest desktop upgrade which includes an i7, gtx 1070 8GB, 16 gb ram with windows 10 ran this game flawlessly, but i still experienced crashes as random as the two previous setups. But it definitely ran EE way smoother.

Having a desktop definitely helped a lot more than laptops from what i noticed.

I also had an upgrade of Internet speed which somewhat helped me , due to previous ones being monthly packages.

Your distance to the server also is a thing to run this game smoothly, as well as the ping, My ping is usually high at 6 pm to 11 pm. The game is almost unplayable whichever PC i use.

Last thing is i really recommend more than 4 GB ram for this game because there is a lot of memory leaks on this game, sometimes you will notice it is using more than what it is intended to be.

Coming to SSD/HDD, in all my PCs i've installed EE on my HDD, i've tried on my new m.2 nvme SSD the difference is not that great, but it helps on loading things slightly better if that helps. Example loading into EE itself or character image loading slow in PvP ( from invisible to slowly appearing)

If you are using a Laptop or even a desktop (especially laptop though) i really recommend to use a laptop cooler or keep your room temperature below 30 degrees. I've noticed a lot on my old laptop (which Jordan called a toaster) run much better and even have no crashes when i used an external fan and AC to cool my room and the laptop.

It is not just EE, there are also factors like server lags sometimes that may affect you.

My recommendations are:

-an i3-i5 CPU (preferably above 5th/6th Gen)

-4GB ram minimum (8GB or above really recommended)

-Any dedicated GPU helps even if its an old GT 710 series to the newest ones, it runs very well.

-Good internet bandwidth provided not many people leeching your speed from where you are using it

You might notice other more demanding games run better than EE, so most issues really come because it is an old game,

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