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Patch v15

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Event Changes:
 - Valentines Event is actually disabled now sorry!

General Changes:
 - Raid Alt Abuse change will now allow a maximum of 2 IP's in the same party for a raid.
NOTE: We've updated the rules as well for those who wish to abuse this change.

My next step to countering alt abuse would be to make Raidbox untradeable do we really want to go that far? So think before I am pushed further.

 - Players without a NosMerchant Medal can only stack a max of 99 items in the NosBazaar.
 - Updated NosMerchant Medal information.
 - Reworked the following items due to feedback and huge impacts to areas of the game:


Archangel Wings
Archdaemon Wings
Blazing Fire Wings
Frosty Ice Wings

Stat Change:
All element energies are increased by 250  --> 100
All defences are increased by 10%. --> 5%
All attacks are increased by 10% --> 5%



Golden Wings

Stat Change:
Resists forced movement with a probability of 100%. --> 50%
All defenses are increased by 15%. --> 10%
Below level 4 there is a 10% chance of never getting a bad effect. --> (removed)



Steampunk Chronoblade (Permanent)
Steampunk Clockwork Bow (Permanent)
Steampunk Geared Wand (Permanent)

Stat Change:
Provides a 100% chance of increasing damage by 20% if the character has a higher level than the monster. --> Provides a 100% chance of increasing damage by 10% if the character has a higher level than the monster.

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed $lock and $unlock commands.
 - Fixed a bug where you could teleport to act6 maps using wings of friendship whilst under level 88.



Extra Information:
 - Regarding the following items:


Baseball Bat Skin (Permanent)
Recurve Bow Skin (Permanent)
Tennis Racquet Skin (Permanent)
Imp Cudgel Skin (Permanent)
Wildflower Bow Skin (Permanent)
Uchiwa Skin (Permanent)

The above items are appearing to be working for me so I am confused to this bug report. I have seen the screenshots so what I do suggest is:

 - Click the verify button on our patcher (whilst the game is off!).
 - Place the item in your equipment tab.
 - Relog.

If the bug still continues I will look into it further but extra information will be required so please put a ticket in and address it to myself advising about this bug.

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