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Account Negligence / Stolen Accounts

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Hey Everyone,

I would like to inform everyone that we are no longer going to be investigating "Stolen Accounts". The amount of time we are spending investigating on a daily basis speaking to deaf ears is beyond our control and we feel it is necessary to just lay the hammer down and refuse to help you recover your account due to negligence.

If you open a ticket you will receive a default message and your ticket to be closed from now on. We will not waste our time trying to help you when you could have helped yourself by avoiding the following:

  • Account Sharing
    Providing your account information to someone you believe you can "trust". This person you've probably never met in person why trust them? They then log your account and take your items.
  • Using Similar Account Information
    Using the same information you have used on an open-source emulator for instance that anyone can setup. Accepting plaintext passwords or logging your information to use again in the future on competition or official.
  • Using Hacks/Fake Hacks
    I investigated 3 new released hacks over the last 2 months. The youtube showing how the hack works saying it's on Vendetta (when it isn't it's on an emulator). I ended up submitting the exectuables into a sandbox environment where I debugged them to find really odd features like why would a hack tool that is meant to remove skill cooldown be communicating to a server/url? Odd really that isn't it?

    This is a big reason why peoples accounts are just going poof. You guys are falling for these fake hacks that are logging your login this is why your email is being compromised and your account information is too.
  • Fake Giveaways Sites
    Another idea people had was to advertise free VGN/Item websites. People input their account information and then voila they get free items (or so they think). Their data is then logged and they have your information now... Are you guys really that gullible and desperate for free stuff?

The above are the key reasons you're losing your account all of which prove to us the lack of care you show towards your account so why should we waste our time when you failed to secure your account? I am not joking when I say I spend a good 2-3 hours a day dealing with this stuff and I refuse to continue doing so from now on.

Why are people stealing items?
The majority of people responsible for stealing your items are the people selling gold. So you can blame everyone who is buying gold as they're the reason why the gold sellers are so motivated to perform such malicious actions.

As long as they have a customer base they are going to continue so I advise you all to do the following:

  • Stop Downloading Hacks.
  • Stop Sharing your Account Information with others.
  • Stop Visiting Fake Giveaway Sites.

If you believe you have been hacked then do the following:

  • Run Malwarebytes or a similar program.
  • If you believe that didn't work then re-install your Operating System.
  • Change your password (After Anti-Virus/Malware Detection/Operating System reboot, what good is it changing it before when they're probably logging you?).
  • Then read how not be hacked again above!

What are we going to do to prevent this from happening?
Right now we're trying to find ways in preventing this for the future but it's not something very simple. We are designing a 2FA system that if your IP changes your email will be notified and your account will be blocked until you've responded. But as I've said before some peoples emails have been compromised as well so this can only help so much.

We're also working on a new monitoring system in regards to trading. Trading is already heavily logged but we're looking for ways to flag any suspicious activity and block the trade if so.


Our time is best spent finding solutions instead of wasting it with people who fail to respect their account.


Thank you for those who bothered to read.


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I'm going to be adding something to this post as well.


Item scams and trading

Along with looking into the situations of people having their accounts stolen, this is one of the next problematic ticket reasons we receive with some people actually being repeat tickets, allowing them to have it happen to them multiple times. From now on, you will be receiving the default message that those who have lost their account due to player negligence receive. 

As listed in the game rules, all trades are considered final and any item that was lost in a trade, will NOT be returned to you.

This is becoming too often of a mistake people make, where they trade a level 1 character who says they need to change channels to trade them on their other account. If the trade is too good to be true, or it's not a character that has anything to lose, it's probably not a trade you should be making. If you have to take screenshots of the trade, then you probably shouldn't be risking the trade in the first place.

Offer to pay them extra for the card holder if they buy it, or if they refuse to, then just don't trade them. But we will be giving a generic response and closing the ticket from now on.


Bash and I are in the talks of how to prevent 1 sided trades like this, but you yourself are the first line of defense like this. Have them buy it to make the item tradeable, or look elsewhere! If a level 1 character approaches you, then don't trade them! If they have nothing to lose, then it's not a viable person to trade.

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