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Patch v16

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General Changes:
 - Trophy Pieces have been added to the game.
Trophy Piece is a stat added to your character. Each time you open a raidbox you will be given 1 Trophy Piece. If you collect 100 Trophy Pieces you will be allowed to use MoJo JoJo's power at the NPC to obtain a random minor trophy.

For more information the Guide has been updated:

 - Aggro range and movement speed of Grail the Tremendous Phoenix has been increased.
 - Changed the spawn location of Grail the Tremendous Phoenix and it's path it walks.
 - The following skills have been disabled in Erenia and Zenas raid:


Rocket Riding

NOTE: However, when using Blink the buff "Armour of Darkness" will still apply.

 - You can now buy the following items from the Bash NPC in NosVille:


Spider Web
Eye of Spider King
Slade's Claw

 - Gold Drop for the following monsters has been removed:


Light Tree Soul
Dark Tree Soul
Cold Tree Soul
Warm Tree Soul

 - Added new command "$remove_lock" to the "Anti-Theft System".

Bug Fixes:
 - Fixed the following item stats not showing:


Baseball Bat Skin (Permanent)
Recurve Bow Skin (Permanent)
Tennis Racquet Skin (Permanent)
Imp Cudgel Skin (Permanent)
Wildflower Bow Skin (Permanent)
Uchiwa Skin (Permanent)

 - Fixed a bug with $lock command where you could re-enter the command without unlocking.
 - Fixed trading issues where going > 2kkk will set your gold to 0.
 - Fixed NosBazaar issues where going > 2kkk will set your gold to 0.
 - Fixed a bug in the NosBazaar that did not allow people to register certain items.
 - Fixed an exploit where players would buff people in arena whilst out of PVP state.
 - Fixed raid alt abuse bug.

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