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Hai all o/

Currently I have not seen any subject really speaking of this class (which in the process is very good) with which I struggled before taking a little interest. So I tried to find a combo able to mix a little bit and I wondered if there was no better (because I think very honestly that the combo that I'm testing at the moment should not really be good ç_ç).

Here is the combo:

BM=Brutal Mirror / BW= Brainwash / SS= Swallowing Strike / OS= Oneric Sword 

(dash [stun]) - BM - BW [def -10% ] - SS [renverse / +50% dmg] - OS [-25% def] - BM [-40% def / +100% dmg / +25% dmg / -5% slash res] - OS [+150% dmg/50% dmg]

It is possible that there is an error concerning the description between [ ], ( ) <- optionnal

current stat (dont have my katana achievement) and dmg:


Wasnt able to find the beginning of the combo, sorry about that, i try to post another screen later and yes, i try it in fae,i do not know if it affects the results, if yes, i will try in another dng or on a wb



Without sadness ring

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When it came out i had written this on a note, feel free to use and test it, it's the highest possible damage combo. (Some stuff might have changed after i left, correct it if needed)

Raging River = Activates Combos

**Class Skill Combos**

1. Skill Dmg Raise Combo - Thousand Cranes

-Brainwash , creates starting point
-Swallow Strike + 50 % Dmg
-Brutal Mirror + 100 % Dmg
-Oneric Sword + 150 % Dmg

2. Skill Dmg Raise Combo - Kanabo Style

-Oneiric Sword, creates starting point
-Brutal Mirror + 25 % Dmg
-Oneiric Sword + 50 % Dmg
-Swallow Strike + 75 % Dmg
-Oneiric Sword + 100 % Dmg

3. Defense Decrease Combo - Chu Strike

-Brutal Mirror, creates starting point
-Brainwash - 10 % Def
-Oneiric Sword - 25 % Def
-Brutal Mirror - 40 % Def

4. Slash Resist Decreasing Combo - Tameshigiri Slash

-Swallow Strike, creates starting point
-Brutal Mirror - 5 slash resist
-Brainwash - 10 slash resist
-Swallow Strike - 15 Slash resist

5. Knock Down Combo - Tendon Cut

-Brainwash, starting Point
-Swallow Strike KD

6. Eva Decreasing Combo - Amputate

-Brainwash, creates starting point
-Brutal Eva -5 %
-Oneiric Eva - 10 %
-Swallow Knock Down

7. Holy Skill - Atk + Atk Combo - Power Draining Slash

-Power Draining Slash, creates starting point
-Brainwash +10 % atk user, - 5 % atk target
-Power Draining Slash, +20 % atk user, - 10 % atk target

**Mixing Skill Combos**

1.Brutal, BrainWash, Oneiric, Brutal, Oneiric, Brainwash, Swallow, Brutal , Oneiric

Brutal = Starting Point
Brainwash = -10% Def
Oneiric = -25% Def, brutal +25 % Dmg
Brutal = -40% Def, Oneiric +50 % Dmg
Oneiric = Swallow Strike +100% Dmg
Brainwash = Starting Point, Swallow Strike +50% Dmg
Swallow = Oneiric +100% Dmg, Brutal +100 % Dmg, Knockdown (Swallow Gets +150% Dmg Here)
Brutal =  Oneric +150% Dmg, - 5% slash
Oneiric = Final Dmg (Oneiric +250% Dmg)

2.Brutal, Brainwash, swallow, Oneiric, Brutal, Oneiric

Brutal = Starting Point
Brainwash = -10% Def, Swallow Strike +50% Dmg
Swallow = Brutal +100% Dmg, Knockdown
Oneiric = -25% Def, Brutal +25% Dmg
Brutal = -40% Def,-5% slash,  oneiric +50% Dmg (brutal gets +125% Dmg)
Oneiric = Final Dmg (Oneiric +200% Dmg)

3.Brutal, Brainwash, swallow, Oneiric, Brutal, Oneiric, Swallow, Oneiric, Oneiric.

Brutal = Starting Point
Brainwash = -10% Def, Swallow Strike +50% Dmg
Swallow = Brutal +100% Dmg, Knockdown
Oneiric = -25% Def, Brutal +25% Dmg
Brutal = -40% Def,-5% slash,  oneiric +50% Dmg (brutal gets +125% Dmg)
Oneiric = Swallow +75% Dmg (Oneiric +200% Dmg)
Swallow = Oneiric + 100% Dmg
Oneiric = Final Dmg
Oneiric = Gets another Dmg Here


There is a lot more combos there, which i did not bother to write back then, i was just trying to figure out the highest possible damage.


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Blade Master is sadly outclassed in both PvE and PvP. You can even do all the combos above perfectly and you still be out-DPS in PvE because of 4T potions giving more damage to dual-wielding users, and its not good in PvP unless you go to sakura island to do friendly 1v1s.

Here's my list of useful combos depending on the situation:

PvE (vs bosses that doesn't resist debuff): Manage to get both the 100% dmg bonus (oneiric combo) and all the debuffs.

PvE (vs weak bosses, debuff inmunity bosses): Just go for 100% dmg bonus (afaik you can keep it by just using an oneiric sword once you have the stack)

PvP (quick ambush): Stun -> Brainwash -> Swallow (2 sec knockdown, enemy can't react) -> finish the brainwash combo. Use this against weak targets like GMs. Catch them by surprise, they can quickly switch to shield and survive you.

PvP (longer cc's) Stun -> Brainwash -> Brutal Mirror -> Oneiric  (enemy can move at this point) -> Swallow (4 sec knockdown, enemy can break your combo with a cc/teleport). Use this against other physicals like zerk, assa, asura, etc. If they break your combo with a cc, quiickly heal your cc and finish it. Follow this combo with a PvE combo for max dps.

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Honestly, im not gonna say the class can really do something in both (especially in pvp since you have the Master Fencer) but, if you dont compared it to another class, its not that bad. For me its more a class that you play to having some fun, BM is a pure 1v1 class imo, or atleast 3v3 if you catch someone to kill him.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your combo, i will try them later ~ :P

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I agree with almost everything Noka said, except the last part, almost all ppl play only with healers and pts in PvP anyway, so u dont need to heal or un-cc urself (if u r in a situation that needs it, u most likely will die soon and unable to follow up on a kill), just focus on the right combo for the right situation...possibly save the stun/chasing skill if you do want to follow up, but most of the time I doubt you will need un-cc anyway.

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The combos were meant to be used in 1v1 @Specter, blade master should not be used in partys, his brother called master fencer is 10 times more useful for that job. This class has no purpose in tw outside ambushing people warding crystals or even ambushing them while they travel on top of they mounts, which is useless for people that only care to win. When you play BM, its for fun, not for achieving anything. If only crystals weren't inmune to all of his skills, he would be a good capper...

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Just to give my opinion on the matter, I have to say the way samurai class has always been it as for people who generally like the idea of playing a samurai. Even before no ones ever really sat down and built this class for any other reason than "I would enjoy playing samurai" even back in normal classes the reason most players made a samurai was either to abuse awaken axe but still do more damage or just to play samurai. For the most part people who main samurai in the past love BM cause when I built the class I was closely working with 2 ex-samurai mains and they absolutely loved it even though in my opinion I agree its impractical in most scenarios.

The only PvP scenario I could see it working in other than your standard arenas is when you want to cut down a tank as if I remember correctly the way the combos work on this class you can shred through Heavy Armor with a shield which quite simply other PDPS classes struggle to do so. If any of the Samurai players want to give some suggestions then I'll look into them but tbh this class is one of those classes that was designed to appeal to a small minority of players who as Noka said, play it cause then enjoy the class rather than actually being super practical to where everyone will want to play it.

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