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Revamping Holy skills?

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there is a consensus that most holy wepons r not very high useful, with the exceptions being BK and trainer buff, perhaps TM if u want the old school instaheal.

with that said, they dont seem to be in wide use.

maybe its time some of these these skills were reworked (and by maybe I mean definitely), they are far too similar to Toroto skills for base classes from Vingot and DD anyway.


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They've literally only just been reworked into their current state which took the best part of a month to design them and create them all. There's a reason why they're not being used as much and that's simply that the 95 none holy weapons are just better in most cases. These skills are impossible to balance as you either have it like before where the class must use the holy weapon to function or you have it like now where some niche builds work with them but for the most part people will choose to use the weapons with skill damage and stats.

The 95 weapons cannot be nerfed anymore either to make up for this balance as they've already been nerfed a great deal and I do not want to make people who forted them unhappy that its no longer viable. Maybe in a future patch this can be adjusted with a new level bracket of weapons as I said I'll most likely continue making new DoD's and adding to the collection of holy skills and adding new versions of the current skills so if people like them they can simply get the newer weapon a have the same skill.

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Something that could be done in order to make Holy weapons useful but not demanding is similar to the Gravity Manipulator Space Jumper weapons: Give a new element for classes that usually are bound to a single Element. That would bring diversity regarding resistances on PVP (Hello 70 Holy/Dark resist guys) and would be really great for PVE players who like to stick to their classes.

*This suggestion only works for Magic Classes, though - I don't understand that much of physical classes to give opinions

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I never asked for the trial wepons nerfed, just that the skills be changed to enhance class specialties.

While we are on the topic of class skills, I would like to point out the meaningless of certain skills that are upgradable/not upgradable.

Also, some class skills, even when upgraded, do      literally nothing / increase mana cost for no reason.


Yellow classes

Berserker- holy skill

Shielder- eternal slumber

GK- leader of ice, energy recovery, purifying ice

Blood Knight- holy skill

Paladin- divine shield

Dragon Soul- holy skill


Orange classes

Kage- holy skill

Asura- power trance, power burst

Rakshasa- vajra's rage

Elegant Dancer- dance of elegance

Blade Master- raging river


Green classes

Devil Hunter- stealth

Reaver- scythe of judgement


Blue classes

Adjudicator- adjudicator's escape

Totem Master- totem surge


Purple classes

Arch-Elementalist- holy skill

Time Manipulator- time hypnosis

Darkness Blade- holy skill


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As said in peer, the upgrade button is tied to the functionality of the skill so removing that button would mean potentially breaking part of how the skill works.

Holy Skills all should be upgradable as said previously I intend to increase the library of Holy Skills in future patches so if these new skills needed to be leveled and the level of the skill is tied to the Holy Skill slot that means we have a problem.

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I understand paladin is a unique case, but most of these other ones could be changed to justify the skill leveling.

Ive had to refrain from upgrading some of the skills mentioned above to help with every detail that helps me manage my mana.

For instance, adju leave combat skill could be changed to giving an extra tiny buff that reduces dmg taken upon leaving battle, like upgrade points give 1-100 points of dmg reduced. or stealth skill on devil hunter gives eva etc as a tiny buff to a joke class.

adding those extra bits should have minimal effect, but would at least give some sense of purpose to "why should we upgrade this skill beyond seeing it at level 100 for satisfaction".

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There's more useful skills that you don't mentioned, and I like to use

Berserker gets a fear that also works in PvE. You want to switch into this weapon to perform the fear then switch back to the previous one. Sadly it will miss against running targets 90% of the time so you want to proc a certificate CC before using it...

Blade acrobat gets a good recovery option in the form of firebird dance. The cool thing about this skill is that it's present in a rapier, pair it with the sword that increases your aoe range, 4t sword+rapier potions and you got one of the best PvE class in the game.

Blade master's trial 95 katanas are very bad (I miss the +80% slam dmg effect), so you want to pick a holy for him. Power draining slash is PvE oriented while blade master's belief is made for PvP (btw, with how the game works you're not going to chase a running target even with that much speed, I tested it myself and got a spam of "Target is too far" messages)

Devil hunter's DPS is trash, so you want quadruple volley to be able to kill something in PvP, it only deals around 25% more dmg than a common awk class triplehit so don't expect much, but it's still neat for him.

Most of the others are simply not worth and I agree about buffing them or changing their effects.


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