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[Ended] Gates of Pandemonium

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With the release of the new dungeon I would like to create a competition to get everyone trying hard to beat the new dungeon in the best possible way.



The rules of the event are simple, the party who can complete the dungeon the fastest (based on ranking) will gain the opportunity to create their own title that follows the same stats as the current "King of Pandemonium" title.

The event will be running till the 2nd of May 2018 and will be picked right after maintenance (If maintenance gets extended so will the event).



  1. The item will be per account, so all characters on the account will get the title along with new characters too.
  2. The title must not contain anything offensive of any manor, the GM's will evaluate your choice and if you push your luck you will not get anything.


Good Luck!



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Because of the reports of possible abuse to this event that we've been receiving, I have decided to wipe the current GOP rankings and allow them to reset for this week.


Why were they wiped?

Though it was meant to deter people, parties found it to still be worthwhile to use tower pots when they were never suppose to, making the rankings illegitimate and giving possible cheaters/bug abusers the chance to take the top spots.

Rather then reward them, we've added a measure to deter the tower pot use again and are allowing those who can do it legitimately the chance to do so.


I'll be watching the logs of what buffs are used in this dungeon and if someone finds another bug and attempts to abuse these buffs again in this dungeon, then I will be forced to take further action and possibly ban those involved.

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