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Hi Guys,

After today Vivi will not be around for a couple weeks she is taking some leave to recharge. This doesn't mean she is leaving the team she just has some things to take care of. I will still be around but not as active due to my work irl right now taking up most of my time.

Maintenances will be as usual each week on wednesday. There however will not be any patch work done for any of the games for now. Altars will still change with Eden every maintenance.

Mystery Boxes
Mystery Boxes will rotate (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for every game. Around 12pm UTC 3 random mystery boxes will be selected this will go on till our maintenance day 6th June 2018.

Tickets are being covered by our members of staff, however some tickets may require Vivi's assistance and if so you will have to wait for her to return.

There is nothing to worry about in terms of  whats going on behind the scenes so please do not create unnecessary rumours some of us are just very tired and haven't had a break in a long time.

Thank you!

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