Dyeing Costumes Suggestion

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Hello! I realise this might be very hard or impossible to do but I thought i'd suggest it anyway.

I read the Dye Preview Suggestion so I realise this might not be possible because of the same problem,but while that's not possible this might be..

I was thinking it would be great if when you dyed an item,it would save the dye you used,like Aura kingdom does so eg: dye item yellow,then dye it pink,the yellow would be saved and so would the pink,so you could change it back to yellow or back to pink.

If it's possible it would be a very nice feature to have,it saves having to buy back and forth,I realise it might hurt the dye market but people will still buy dyes and they will have more options and more fun!

I hope you can consider my suggestion if it can be done! 

Thank you ^.^

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