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Future of 2018 Patches

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the lateness of post that was due after Patch 35. However, I delayed it for Patch 36 (The follow up patch) and unfortunately falling rather sick for a couple of days over the weekend and the start of this week that I've been slowly fighting through to reply to posts and tickets.

Anyway, to the post itself this post will be similar to Vivi's "Dev Diaries" and other games like League of Legends "Roadmaps", I will be detailing some of the changes you can expect over the next couple of months to keep everyone in the loop of what is coming rather than having misinformation and rumours being spread along with allowing people to add suggestions that would fit around the plans.

Finally note: This doesn't mean that the patch order will be held accountable or smaller patches won't be thrown in between them as I cannot guarantee everything goes to plan, so think of it more of an objectives/plan rather than a THIS WILL HAPPEN kinda ordeal.


Patch #1

Full Cosmetic Patch

Possible (If not will be between Patch 1 and 2): Kage Rework

  • Yes long overdue, I will make sure to impress with it  I have some pretty cool ideas for it.
  • Shadow Clones will be removed as they just will not work with how Eden has been designed.


Patch #2

Return of Normal Class TW

  • Likely will feature gear level restrictions of some form that will be enforced along with less clunky spawn issues with the buff.
  • Will be balanced to feel more 75-80 cap level just like PlayEden.

Possible: Buffs to some of the more known normal classes that have always been under appreciated

  • Note: I am pretty adamant on the opinion of never reworking or doing too many drastic changes on Normal Classes as they're very fundamental of mine and everyone else's original image on Eden Eternal and even though the game has changed so much since we were rocking the normal class life it won't feel much like Eden Eternal to me as a developer if the fundamentals are completely gone. If you don't understand this then that's fine but just know Normal Classes are very delicate to change in my opinion.


Patch #3

Awakened Weapons Level 100

  • Hint: Level 100 Mutant Bosses
  • Hint: Level 100 25 Man Raid

Racials Level 100

Possible/TBD: Awaken Armors Level 100

Quests: Part 1

  • What does that mean? Well you have to wait and see!


Patch #4

Would like do do another dungeon in a similar fashion to Gates of Pandemonium.

Quests: Part 2

  • What does this mean? Again, wait and see!


Final Notes

Yes there be bug fixes along the way, yes there will be other content in the patches other than what i mentioned and like said in the introduction there will likely or atleast have a change for some content from patches to sneak into other patches if extra time is there or lack of time in the previous. I hope to have all these patches done before January and bits of each patch are already being conceptualized or planned by the respected people involved.

I will not be working on much Eden Eternal things over the next 2 weeks as I have some real life commitments to take care of and Bash has asked me to give Vivi a hand in making some stuff for Scarlet Blade to make her life easier which I will prioritize over Eden as Vivi helped me with some of my patch work in Eden Eternal! I may post previews or thoughts on work as it progresses on this post but no promises because I might forget or not have anything interesting to show that wouldn't need an explanation on what it is first.

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Just to throw some updates to this thread so people don't think I've forgotten it, the patch orders have shuffled a bit.

The following patch that should be in the coming week will contain some minor and experimental changes to game mechanics, specifically some of the stats focusing on helping both Physical DPS classes and Holy Blade class. I will state now there is no balance changes relating to these classes skills but the changes are based around external factors that directly affect these classes.

Next after some thought and consideration I will be disabling Captcha checks on all the battle maps so that runners don't get hindered from them aswell as to fix a seporate issue relating to exploiting the Captcha system. Before people say "he only disabled to remove the exploit", this isn't the case as it would have been easy to get around this fix and still have it inside battle maps but I made a decision to not do this but if people want it back they can have it back (this goes the same if people abuse it once removed).

Some notable bugs being removed this patch:

  • Invisibility Skills in PvP not being affective, was related to a target being over level 100.
  • Territory War Time Zone issue.
  • The new pets/mounts/mobs/npcs causing players with low end pc's to crash (Alpaca Box).

You can also expect the Kage rework for this patch.


As for future patches, you can likely expect 2 and 3 to come around Christmas time. However, It might be a 2 part patch then possibly in January - Feburary the Final patch (the quests will likely all be in 2/3 and not 4).

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Here is some previews of the new maps upcoming in the next patch, this isn't all of them but just some of them.







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