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New Game Sages!

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Hello everyone!

Yes, its the moment everyone has been waiting for - new game sages!

This will be a somewhat long list, so please bear with me.

Also, I'd like to make this note here and now. Whatever ill will you may have towards someone who may have been hired, please leave it at the door. From this moment on, while they are a part of the staff, we hope that you will treat them with respect as we hope they treat you with respect.

Should any of the drama or anything of the sort continue after they have been hired, then submit a ticket with all necessary proof.


Without further ado -



Sydney - @13175
    Nickk - @Nickeh
 Hanyuu - @Hanyuu
  Softi - @Softi
 Randall - @Randall
  Chick - @Nemo
  bloodevil - @Bloodevil
         Gisselle - @Yung Giselle



Eden Eternal:

Armades - @Luxdrayn
Pinkey - @Pinkey
Nippa - @Nipaa
Diabolic_Pi - @Diabolic_Pi



Scarlet Blade:

Because of the uncertainty of activity and the ability to mesh with the current staff, I have decided to hold off on hiring for Scarlet Blade.

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