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Patch v24

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Event Changes:
 - Halloween Event is now activated!

 - Decorated NosVille and Port Alveus into a Halloween theme.



 - Disabled VGN Halloween 2017 custom quests.
 - Added new custom Pet related to Halloween to the game "Erze, The Imp Queen".




 - Added new VGN Custom NPC related to Halloween Event "Laurena".


Laurena contains Daily Quests and also has a "Mystery Box" like system that requires the candy pieces obtained from the event. Please view the Event Page linked above for details on those items.

 - Updated Jack O'Lantern Raid Box items to the following:


Glowing Pumpkin Hat (1 Day)
Glowing Pumpkin Hat (7 Days)
Halloween Signpost x3
Attack Potion
Defence Potion
Huge Recovery Potion x10
Spooky Tarot Card [Ghost]
Spooky Tarot Card [Dracula]
Spooky Tarot Card [Scarecrow]
Glowing Pumpkin Hat (30 Days)
Pumpkin (Event)
Scary Pet Trainer (Event)
Glowing Pumpkin Hat (Permanent)
Pumpkin Hat (Permanent)
Pumpkin Bushtail

Bug Fixes:
 - Applied a fix to a bug causing the server to crash.
 - Fixed Ibrahim's Bag from not rewarding you a trophy/trophy pieces.
 - Fixed PSP screen showing Skill Grades and Auto Attack radio buttons in the wrong position.

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