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[Event] Halloween Art Event

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Hey there NosPlayers! 

Even though Halloween has already passed by we thought it would be a nice idea to host a spooky little art and story telling event for you.

What will the task for this event be ?

  • That's quiet simple ! Simply draw a NosTale Halloween related fan-picture of your favourite villager of Nosville and add a fitting spooky story to it ! 

The duration:

  • Start of the event: 1st November 2018
  • End of the event: 15th Novermber 2018

What are the "Rules" for this Event ?

  1. Both hand drawn and computer drawn artworks are allowed
  2. It's allowed to edit your artwork with software like: "Photoshop, Gimp, etc.."
  3. You're allowed to take part with only one account per player, if we catch you taking part with several accounts you'll be disqualified from the event
  4. You're not allowed to pick up artworks from google ect.. if we catch you doing so this could result into a permanent ban from all future board and ingame events
  5. The artist mark needs to be in the bottom right corner with date and name
  6. Be polite while drawing/designing and do not copy from other artists

The prizes:

  • 1st place:
    • Skelekat Groom or Zombikit Bride (in bead)
  • 2nd place:
    • 1x Horned Sweeper (in box)
  • 3rd place:
    • 1x Divine fairy of your choice

Note: We're always allowed to deny the choice of your item.

Feel free to leave your entry here:


Enjoy the event Villagers of Nosville, have a spooky time and see you on November 15th !

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